Account Management

View, add, sort, select, modify, and delete admin accounts from this window. Download admin account records.

ExtremeCloud IQ provides several administrative roles that offer various levels of read/write privileges and limit access to certain areas of the GUI or to certain locations of a deployment. This window displays existing admin accounts and, and allows administrators with the appropriate rights to create new accounts, and modify and delete existing ones.

View Admin Accounts

This window displays the following information for all admin accounts:

Name: The name of the admin account (optional)

Email Address: The email address assigned to the admin account

Organization: (Hierarchical ExtremeCloud IQ only) Assign an admin to an existing HIQ organization here; see "Hierarchical ExtremeCloud IQ Configuration Guide" for more information.

Role: The admin role assigned to this account. The available roles are: administrator, operator, monitor, help desk, guest management, and observer. For information about these roles, see "Admin Accounts".

Location: The location assigned to this account that limits the admin to a particular geographic location, which consists of an organization, building, or floor. If no location is specified, then this admin has global access to your network.

Add an Admin Account

To add a new admin with a role of administrator, operator, monitor, help desk, guest management, or observer, select Add. ExtremeCloud IQ displays the Add New Admin dialog box. For more information about how to add an admin, see "Admin Accounts". Wne you are finished, select Save and Close to return to the Admin Accounts window.

Modify an Admin Account

To modify an existing admin account:

  1. Select the check box for the account you want to change, select , and then edit one or more of the following:

Email Address: Enter a new email address for this admin. You must enter an email address that is not already in use; that is, it cannot be assigned to another admin.

Name: Enter the name of the admin.

Organization: (Hierarchical ExtremeCloud IQ only) Assign the admin to an existing HHM organization or to all organizations here.

Idle Session Timeout: Enter the number of minutes before a session times out. The default is 30 minutes. The range is from 5 to 240 minutes.

Choose a Role: Assign a new role to an admin. For details, see "Admin Accounts".

Assign a Location: Assign a new location to an admin. For details, see "Admin Accounts".

  1. When you are finished, select Save and Close.

Download Admin Account Descriptions

You can download detailed information for all admin accounts or details of one or more individual accounts. ExtremeCloud IQ saves the information to a file in CSV (comma-separated values) format.

To download information for all admin accounts, select check boxes for all the admin accounts and then select Download.

To download information for one or more admin accounts, select check boxes for the ones you want and then select Download.

ExtremeCloud IQ saves the selected admin account information to an adminReport.csv file. You can either open or save the file, as required.

You can download details for an individual admin account as part of compliance with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) article 15, which ensures that data subjects have the right to access data concerning themselves. If administrators who are EU citizens and worked with ExtremeCloud IQ while in the EU request this information (perhaps after changing jobs), you can download it in a .csv file and deliver it to them.

Delete Admin Accounts

You can delete admin accounts, either singly or multiple accounts at a time.

  1. To delete one or more accounts, select the check boxes next to the administrators that you want to delete, and then select .
  2. When the confirmation dialog appears, select Yes to complete the deletion. In addition, you can select the check box to delete all data pertaining to this admin, such as audit log entries of actions the admin performed. Deleting this data complies with GDPR article 17, which ensures that a data subject has the right to be forgotten.

After you delete an admin account, ExtremeCloud IQ makes an entry in the GDPR audit log stating that the admin data was deleted and modifies all audit log entries related to that admin so that "Deleted by <log_id>" replaces the actual name (where <log_id> is the ID number of the entry recording the deletion of the admin in the GDPR audit log).


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