Credential Distribution Groups

View, add, modify, and delete credential distribution groups.

About Credential Distribution Groups

Create Credential Distribution Groups for members of your organization who are allowed to distribute login credentials to visitors. For more information, see "Credential Distribution Groups".

  • In previous versions of ExtremeCloud IQ, this feature was called Employee User Groups, and was located in Configure > Users > User Management > Employee Groups.

Configure a Credential Distribution Group

To add a new credential distribution group, configure the following settings:

Group Name: Enter a name for this group.

Admin Account: Choose Active Directory User or Guest Management Role User from the drop-down list.

Member Of: Enter the name of the Active Directory user group to which the Active Directory admin account belongs. If the admin account is a member of multiple groups, then enter the name of the first group, press TAB, and then return to the field to enter additional groups.

  • The field appears when you choose Active Directory User.

Guest Management User: Enter the access control role that you want to assign to the member of this employee group. See "Admin Accounts" for more information on role-based access control.

  • The field appears when you choose Guest Management Role User.

Credential Restriction: To limit the number of credentials members of this group can distribute, select the check box and enter a number. The default is 10, but you can allow an unlimited number of credentials.

Registration Operation: Select the check box to require email approval by the person who is providing credentials before the guest gains access.

Enable User Groups: You can select existing user groups to add to this employee group by either selecting the check box for All, or selecting the check boxes for individual user groups in the window.