Deploy a Network Policy

Deploy a network policy to selected real devices.

View the Deploy Policy Page

When you create a new network policy or make changes to an existing policy, the final step is to push the policy to selected real (not simulated) devices. Do this from the Deploy Policy page, which contains a table that, by default, shows all of the devices in your network.

This table displays the following information about your devices: Status, Device Name, Device Model, IP Address, MAC Address, Serial Number/Service Tag, Managed, and Last Updated On. Select any of these headers to sort the information in numerical, alphabetical, or time order, (depending on the header subject). You can also use to customize the columns shown in the table.

If you have a large number of devices deployed in your network, you can also filter this display by creating and saving a display filter using the tools in the filter panel. Create a filter based on the following criteria:


Locations: Choose to filter the display by location, based on your network map hierarchy. For more information about network hierarchies, see "ML Insights".

Network Policies: Choose to display all network policies, or filter for specific policies.

Device Types: Choose to display all devices, just real (installed) devices, or just the simulated devices. If you are testing this feature out and do not want to risk changing the network policy on any of your installed devices, you can select to display only simulated devices here. For more information about planning your network using simulated devices, see "ML Insights".

Device Connection State: Choose to display all, only connected, or only disconnected devices.

Device Management State: Choose to display all devices, just unmanaged devices, or just managed devices.

Device Function: Choose the device function or functions that exist in your network.

Device Software Version: Choose the device version or versions that exist in your network.

Device Product Type: Choose the device product type or product types that exist in your network.

Plan Device: Choose the planned device or planned devices that exist in your network.

Cloud Config Groups: Filter by existing Cloud Config Groups. See "Cloud Config Groups".


SSIDs: Choose to display all, or only selected SSIDs.


User Profiles: Choose to display all, or only selected user profiles.

Deploy the Network Policy

To upload your network policy to all of the devices in the table, select the check box in the top left side of the table header. This automatically selects the check boxes for all of the devices. Select Upload.

To upload your network policy to specific devices only, select the check box for those devices, and then select Upload.

See "Upload a Configuration" to understand your upload choices.

  • Select Exit to leave this page without performing an upload.