Hierarchical ExtremeCloud IQ Organizations

View, add, select, modify, and delete Hierarchical ExtremeCloud IQ organizations.

About Hierarchical IQ Organizations

Hierarchical ExtremeCloud IQ enables channel partners to provide fully-managed enterprise-level wired and wireless services from a single ExtremeCloud IQ instance. These services can be MaaS (management as a service) and WaaS (wireless as a service) for their customers, as required. For more information about Hierarchical ExtremeCloud IQ , see the "Hierarchical ExtremeCloud IQ Configuration Guide".

View Hierarchical ExtremeCloud IQ Organizations

Navigate to   admin_name > Global Settings > Accounts > Organizations.

In the Organizations window, view the following information:

  • Name: Name of the Hierarchical ExtremeCloud IQ organization, such as "Cafe Joe".
  • Admin User: Email address of the Hierarchical ExtremeCloud IQ organization admin.
  • Deployed Devices: The number of real and simulated devices added to this organization. (See for more information about adding devices.)
  • Color: The color assigned to each organization makes it easy for administrators to quickly determine in which they are working. This column shows the color assigned to each organization.
  • Organization ID: This column displays the organization ID automatically assigned by ExtremeCloud IQ when the organization was created.

Add, Modify, or Delete Hierarchical ExtremeCloud IQ Organizations

To add a new organization, select Add. In the Add New Organization window enter a new organization name, and select a color for the organization. Then select Add. The new organization now appears in the Organizations window.

  • Activating Hierarchical ExtremeCloud IQ deletes all existing ExtremeCloud IQ backups.

To modify the settings for an existing organization, select the check box for the organization and select . Make the necessary changes, and remember to select Save when you are finished.

To delete an organization, select the check box for the organization and select .

Add an Admin to an Hierarchical ExtremeCloud IQ Organization

After you have created a new Hierarchical ExtremeCloud IQ organization, you can add one or more administrators for the organization. See "Account Management" to assign an admin to an existing organization, and "Admin Accounts" to enter the admin email address.