View, add, filter, sort, select, modify, and delete applications. Also view data usage, unique clients, unique users, historical usage, and other data for individual applications.

View Applications

IQ Engine supports system-defined and custom-defined applications. The Applications window displays a list of all defined applications. You can also launch individual application 360° views from this window.

You can create and edit custom-defined application definitions and include optional descriptions and application detection rules. System-defined application definitions are static and cannot be changed.

Each application is associated with an application group. You can associate one system- or custom-defined application group with each custom-defined application. See "Custom Applications" to add a custom-defined application group.

ExtremeCloud IQ uses applications and application groups in rules defining IP firewall policies, as described in "IP Firewall Policies", and also to map traffic to Extreme Networks QoS classes by service type, as described in "QoS Classifier Maps".

After you add the application, application group, IP firewall policy, and QoS map definitions to ExtremeCloud IQ, deploy the associated network policy to the managed devices described in "Deploy a Network Policy".

You can also view, add, and modify application detection rules (see "Application Detection Rules").

The Applications List

The Applications list displays applications and application group names. Each entry includes the following:

Type: If an application is admin-defined, CUSTOM appears here. Otherwise it is blank.

Application: Application name.

Category: Application category name.

Set: Name of a custom set to which an application is assigned.

Description: A short description of the application.

You can filter this list by:

Application or Category

Host name, Server IP address, Port number or <none>

HTTP, HTTPS, TCP, UDP, or <none>

Search for an Application

In the Applications text box, enter a character string in the application name to see all matching application names. Custom applications include the word CUSTOM in the Type column.


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Launch the Application 360° View

To view details for an application listed in the Applications window, select next to the application name. See "Applications" for more information.

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