Cloud Config Groups

View, add, modify, and delete Cloud Config Groups.


Navigate using the tab icons. Hover over an icon to see the name of the tab.

Configure > Common Objects > Cloud Config Groups

View Cloud Config Groups

Cloud Config Groups (CCGs) extend Extreme Networks's network deployment options and simplify large network administration. CCGs are aggregated network configurations which allow administrators to create network-level policies that can be replicated for multiple network roll-out scenarios.

The Cloud Config Groups list displays the following information about configured Cloud Config Groups:

  • Group Name: The admin-assigned Cloud Config Group name.
  • Description: An optional admin-assigned Cloud Config Group description.

Add or Modify a Cloud Config Group

To add a Cloud Config Group, select Add. Configure a name and optional description.

To modify an existing Cloud Config Group, select the Cloud Config Group check box and then select . When you are done, select SAVE.

Delete a Cloud Config Group

To delete a Cloud Config Group, select the check box for that group and then select  and confirm the deletion.