Credential Distribution Groups

View, add, select, modify, and delete credential distribution group objects.

View Credential Distribution Groups

This window displays information about the Credential Distribution Groups that have been configured for your network. Credential Distribution Groups function in a manner similar to user groups. You create the group and establish the rules under which that group can create guest accounts and distribute login credentials to sponsored visitors. See "Credential Distribution Groups".

  • In previous versions of ExtremeCloud IQ, this feature was called Employee User Groups, and was located at Configure > Users > User Management > Employee Groups.

The Credential Distribution Groups table displays the following information:

  • Group Name: The name of the group, for example "Engineering".
  • Users Allowed: The number of users that are allowed to be part of this group.
  • Member of: The company department to which this group belongs.
  • Account User Details: Details about this group, if any were entered.
  • User Groups: User groups for which this employee group is enabled.

Add, Modify, or Delete Credential Distribution Groups

To add a new group, select Add and complete the files in the New Credential Distribution Group section. For more information, see "Credential Distribution Groups".

To modify the settings for an existing group, select the check box for the group and select . Make the necessary changes, and select Save.

To delete a group, select the check box for the group and select .