User Groups

View, add, sort, search for, select, modify, and delete user groups.

View User Groups

User groups help you manage guest access to your network. You can also modify user group object settings (see "Add User Groups").

The User Groups table displays the user groups that have been created for your network. You can search the table by entering a group name in the query text box. This table includes the following information:

  • User Group Name: The name of the user group.
  • Password Type: The type of password that is granted to users in this group.
  • #of Users: The number of users currently assigned to this group.
  • SSIDs: The SSIDs through which users in this group can access the network.
  • Expiration: The expiration status for a user's credentials in the user group. The status can be Never = credentials never expire, Expired on <date and time>, or Valid from <validity period>.

Add, Modify, or Delete User Groups

To add a new user group, select Add and complete the entries in the New User Group panel. For more information, see "Add User Groups".

To modify the settings for an existing user group, select the check box for that user and select . Make the necessary changes, and select Save .

To delete a user group, select the check box for the user group and select and confirm the deletion.