Dashboard Diagnostics

View the top APs by channel utilization, CPU usage, and retries.


Dashboard > Diagnostics

The diagnostics tab displays the following RF (radio frequency) information about the APs in your network.


The timeline appears at the top of the Diagnostics page. Drag the timeline handles to see data for a specific period. The data that is displayed in the timeline is automatically updated as you drag the handles, or as you change the Show and Select Range options.

Data Widgets

You can view diagnostic information using the following data widgets:

  • Top Access Points by Channel Utilization: This widget displays usage data for up to 20 APs in your network. This data is prioritized by the sum of WiFi0 and WiFi1. Because the left-to-right order of the APs is determined by this sum, at times the APs may not appear in numerical order on the chart.
  • Top Access Points by CPU Usage: This widget displays average and maximum usage rates for up to 20 APs in your network. The graph sorts by average usage rather than maximum usage, so if an AP with a low usage average surges, it will be listed ahead of an AP with a high usage rate. The data display for this widget resembles the image below:
  • Top Access Points by Retries: This widget displays the percentage of Tx and Rx retries for up to 20 APs in your network.


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