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Dashboard Inventory


The Inventory tab provides a quick overview of the status of your network hardware displayed in the following widgets. Many parts of these widgets are interactive; hover over the circular charts to see more information.

  • Device Count Rollup: This widget displays the total number of devices that are active on your network, by device type.
  • Configuration Status: This widget displays the status of your network devices by device count. Status types include Managed - Disconnected, Managed - Commit Pending, Managed - In Sync, and Unmanaged.
  • User Profiles: This widget shows the active user profiles and the number (%) of users in each profile.
  • User Groups: This widget shows the user groups that are accessing your devices, in

You can customize the tables that appear beneath these widgets to display information for all devices, access points only, routers only, switches only, or VGVAs only:

  • Device Count by Model: Lists every model of device installed on your network, the number of devices per model and the average uptime for those devices.
  • Device Count by HiveOS Version: Shows the number of devices that are running various versions of HiveOS, and includes the average uptime for these devices.
  • Device Count by Location: Shows the number of devices at each network location, including the average uptime.


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