ML Insights

The(Undefined variable: Primary.ML Insights) tab contains multiple sub tabs, each with its own Help topic. Links to these topics appear below.


The (Undefined variable: Primary.ML Insights) tab gives you a comprehensive overview of your network and client health.

Network health is determined by several factors, including availability (connections and disconnections), the number of reboots, average CPU usage, average memory usage, and average power consumption. Health is indicated by color on the status cards:

Green: 80-100 is excellent.

Yellow: 50-79, network health is good.

Red: 0-49, network health is poor.

ML Insights Network 360 Monitor Zone View

See a graphical representation of your network locations, including your network hierarchy and related location maps.

ML Insights Network 360 Plan

Build your network hierarchy, including a graphical representation of your network locations. Plan for expansion using simulated devices and settings. Create zones to track roaming clients. Use Google Maps views to create buildings perimeters and floor plans, or you can import or draw your own perimeters and floor plans. Add real or simulated devices, and view heat maps showing RSSI (received signal strength indication), SNR (signal-to-noise ratio), channels, data rates, and interference issues.

The Network Scorecard

ML Insights Client 360

ML Insights Comparative Analytics

Insights Proximity


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