View, sort, clear, and delete alarms.


There are two views available in the Alarms window; the All Active Alarms view and the Timeline view. The All Active Alarms view opens by default and contains a table showing information about all active alarms. Go to the Timeline view to see a visual display of alarms that occurred during period of time that you specify. You can manipulate the timeline to show alarms for a specific time interval. The default time period for which alarms are displayed in both views is 24 hours.

All Active Alarms View

The Active Alarms table lists information about all active alarms. Use the column picker in the upper right corner to select which columns are displayed. Select or clear check boxes to display or hide columns. ExtremeCloud IQ maintains your column selections if you go to another window and return, and when you log out, and then log in again. Horizontal scrolling is available for this table when there are too many columns to fit in your display window.

The Active Alarms default table columns are described here:

Status: The status of the alarm.

Severity: Major, minor, or informational.

Category: The type of alarm, for example Agent alarm, Device disconnected, or Change OS.

Description: A description of the alarm.

Time Raised: The date and time when the alarm was reported.

Host Name: The host name of the device on which the alarm occurred.

Device MAC: The MAC address of the device that reported the alarm

Client MAC: The MAC address of the client that reported the alarm

Action: Actions that can be taken with this alarm.

Search for Alarms

Use the Search field above the table to search for alarms by severity, category, host name, device MAC address, or client MAC address. For example, enter Major to search for major alarms.

Clear Alarms

To remove one or more alarms, or remove redundant entries, select the check box next to the alarm, and then select Clear Alarm. Cleared alarms become events and are displayed in the event log.

To clear multiple alarms at the same time, either select the check box in the table header to select all alarms, select the check boxes individually, or shift-click to select check boxes for multiple alarms. Then select Clear Alarm.

Alarms Timeline View

The Alarms Timeline is a visual indicator of when and how many active alarms have occurred. You can specify whether to display only alarms raised, active alarms, cleared alarms, or all of these. Select and drag inside the timeline to choose a specific time period within the seven-day time frame. For example, if you expand the shaded area that results from dragging inside the timeline to the far left and far right, you can see up to seven days of information.

Select the chart context menu icon (two horizontal bars) to see download and print actions you can take.

The Active Alarms table appears below the timeline. This is the same information that is displayed in the Active Alarms View.

Select the refresh icon to refresh data for either view.