View, sort, and select event objects. (ExtremeCloud IQ only.)


Navigate using the tab icons. Hover over an icon to see the name of the tab.

Manage > Events

The Events List window contains an events timeline and an events log. At the top of the window, the timeline reflects the times of peak and low events during a seven-day interval. Underneath the timeline, the events log displays the number of events for the date and time range selected. (By default, the last 24 hours of event information is displayed in both the timeline and the log.) An events log is an historical record of various events of interest that configured devices report to ExtremeCloud IQ through CAPWAP. The CAPWAP module running on the ExtremeCloud IQ generates CAPWAP events that are reported here. By default, the events log is organized chronologically from the most recent date and time to the earliest date and time. Events are informational and can be used for auditing or record keeping. The information in this window is refreshed hourly.

Events Timeline

The Events timeline provides a graphical indicator of when and how many events have been recorded by ExtremeCloud IQ. You can filter the timeline to show events occurring within a specific time interval. To choose a specific time frame, slide handles on the time interval window to the left or the right. The data in the events log is refreshed to reflect the timeline that you select. For example, if you expand the shaded interval to the far left and far right, you can see up to seven days of event information.

Events Log

To determine which columns are displayed in the Events List table, select . Select or clear check boxes next to column names to display or hide the columns. Your selections are maintained even if you go to another window, and when you log out, and then log in again. Horizontal scrolling becomes available for this table when there are too many columns to fit in your display window.

View Events

Each entry in the events log consists of the following elements:

Timestamp: Indicates the time, in the month, day, and time-of-day format, that the event occurred

Severity: Indicates if the event was major, informational, or cleared (clear)

Category: Indicates the type of event such as "State Change" or "Threshold Change"

HostName: Lists the host name of the configured device on which the event occurred

Device MAC: Indicates the MAC address of the device that reported the event

Client MAC: Indicates the MAC address of the client that reported the event

Within the events log, you can determine how the information is presented by selecting a column heading. For example, if you want to organize the content by severity, select the Severity heading.

The Events list allows you to display and select many entries at a time, which can be useful for large-batch operations.