View, sort, and select event objects.


The Events window contains an events log, which displays the events for the previous 24 hours.

Events Log

The events log is a record of events that are reported by network devices. You can use event information to audit activity or select the download icon to archive it. By default, the events log lists the most recent event at the top and is refreshed hourly.

Use the column picker in the upper right corner to select or clear check boxes to display or hide columns in the table. ExtremeCloud IQ maintains your column selections if you go to another window and return, and when you log out and then log in again. Horizontal scrolling is available for this table when there are too many columns to fit in your display window.

Most columns in the event log can be sorted. Select a column heading to sort the information in that column.

You can display and select multiple events list entries at the same time, which can be useful for large-batch operations.

Events log entries contain the following elements:

Timestamp: Indicates the time, in month, day, and time-of-day format, that the event occurred.

Severity: Indicates if the event was major, informational, or cleared.

Category: The type of event, for example status or threshold changes

Description: A brief explanation of the event

Host Name: The host name of the device on which the event occurred

Device MAC: The MAC address of the device that reported the event

Client MAC: The MAC address of the client that reported the event