Extreme 9/16" (1.34 cm) Recessed and Flush Ceiling Track Installation Instructions

Read about the recessed ceiling mount kit (AH-ACC-BKT-916-KIT) in this topic. Install access points with the recessed ceiling mount kit using this topic.

This document describes how to install AP100-series (except for the AP121 and AP141), AP200-series, AP300-series, and AP500-series devices in dropped ceilings with 9/16” flush or recessed ceiling tracks.

Attach the AP to the Ceiling Track

Once you have installed the bracket set on the ceiling track, you can mount the device directly to the bracket. Some APs have built-in hardware that allows for either a square or diagonal mount. Other devices can be mounted in a square position using the built-in hardware, but can be mounted in a diagonal position using a secondary mounting bracket. Once the bracket set is installed, the mounting process is the same as for a standard ceiling track. For standard ceiling track installation instructions, visit www.aerohive.com/quick and select the icon for the device you are installing.

  • It is easier to install power and network cables before you mount the device. Install and align external antennas (where necessary) for optimal reception after you install the device.


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