Ethernet Protector

Read about and view specifications for the Extreme Networks Ethernet protector (AH-ACC-1G-ETH-PROT) in this topic. Install the AP1130 Ethernet protector using this topic.

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In most cases, you can connect an Ethernet cable directly from the AP to a PoE-enabled switch or PoE injector (AH-ACC-INJ-30W-XX) inside the building. In some cases, you might need to install an outdoor waterproof PoE injector, available separately (AH-ACC-OINJ-30W).

The AP1130 outdoor PoE injectors have built-in surge protection to guard against lightning strikes. However, the network where the Ethernet cable enters the building requires protection as well. To prevent the indoor network from power surges caused by lightning, place an Ethernet protector (AH-ACC-1G-ETH-PROT) inline between the AP and the rest of the network.

  1. Attach the Ethernet protection device to the building at the entry point of the shielded Ethernet cable from the AP.
  2. Ground the device by running a wire from the grounding stud to a grounded object, such as a water pipe, gas pipe, or grounding rod.
  3. Connect the shielded Ethernet cable from the AP to the port labeled "Line Side", and connect another Ethernet cable from the port labeled "Equipment Side" to the network.


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