AP1130 Large Hose Strap Installation Guide

Read about the large hose strap kit (AH-ACC-1130-STRP-3-15) in this topic. Install a device with the hose strap kit using this topic.

The AP1130 is a multi-channel wireless access point with a watertight chassis that can be deployed in virtually any outdoor setting, including extreme environments.

This guide explains how to install the AP1130 on a pole with a 3" to 15" (76 to 381 mm) diameter using the large hose strap kit (AH-ACC-1130-STRP-3-15).

For more information about the AP1130, see "AP1130 Hardware User Guide".

Kit Contents

The illustration below shows the large hose strap. You will need a flat-blade screwdriver to tighten the strap. Use this strap in conjunction with the installation instructions that shipped with your AP.

Safety Instructions and Site Hazard Warnings

Read and follow the safety information in the installation instructions that shipped with the AP1130.

Vertical or Horizontal Pole Mount

Follow these steps to mount the AP1130 on a large pole (3" to 15" or 76 to 381 mm) diameter using this strap.

  1. Attach the bracket to the back of the unit as described in the AP1130 installation instructions.
  2. Thread the open end of the strap through the large slots on the sides of the mounting bracket as shown:

  1. Rotate the strap tightening screw to the open position (90° to the strap) and insert the open end of the strap into the clamp.
  2. Tighten the strap by hand until it is snug, rotate the tightening screw to the closed position, and finish tightening the screw with a flat blade screwdriver. Cut off the excess strap to prevent excess movement due to wind.

  1. Be sure to properly ground the AP1130 according to the installation instructions. The next illustration shows an AP1130 installed on a large vertical pole using the large hose strap.


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