Plenum Ceiling Mount Installation Instructions

Read about the plenum ceiling mount kit (AH-ACC-BKT-PLENUM-300-100-KIT) in this topic. Install a device with the plenum mount kit using this topic.

This document describes how to install Extreme Networks APs with built-in hardware in the plenum, space above a dropped ceiling using the plenum mount kit (AH-ACC-BKT-PLENUM-300-100-KIT).

Plenum Mount Installation

Use the following instructions and illustrations to install an AP using the plenum mount kit.

  1. Insert the hanger clip into the center hole of the mounting bracket and squeeze it until the clip tabs pop upward through the smaller holes on either side of the center hole.

  1. Attach the bracket and clip assembly to your AP using the built-in mounting hardware on the back of the AP. For square mounts, use the hardware on the AP itself. For diagonal mounts, first install the diagonal mount bracket on the back of the AP as shown below (this bracket ships with most models). To mount the plenum bracket onto the diagonal bracket or directly to the AP, slide the edges of the bracket under the mount tabs and rotate the bracket until it clicks into place against the mount clips. An AP250 is shown in the following illustration.

  1. Install external antennas, if necessary.
  2. Assemble the hanger frame. Attach the legs to the frame using 4 M4x6 Phillips screws per leg, as shown.

  1. Install the hanger frame into the ceiling plenum as shown. Make sure the clips on the frame legs click into place over the ceiling rails.

  1. Attach the AP and mounting plate to the hanger frame as shown. This step is identical for all models.

  1. Connect an Ethernet cable to the network, and—if not using PoE—connect the power cord to a power source. Replace the ceiling tiles to complete the installation.


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