Mounting Instructions for Silhouette- and Interlude-style Ceiling Rails

Read about the Silhouette and Interlude mounting bracket kit (AH-ACC-BKT-SILINT-KIT) in this topic. Install an access point with the mounting bracket kit using this topic.

The AH-ACC-BKT-SILINT-KIT contains two brackets that allow you to install Extreme Networks AP models with built-in mounting hardware to the rails of Silhouette and Interlude dropped ceilings. Select the correct bracket for your ceiling type, attach it to the back of your AP, and then attach the AP and bracket to the ceiling, as described in the following steps.

Select the Appropriate Bracket

Determine which bracket to use for your ceiling type. Each bracket is marked with an image of the rail shape that it fits. Match the shape on the bracket to the shape of your ceiling rail, as shown.

Attach the Bracket to the Device

  1. Attach the bracket to the back of the device with the Extreme Networks logo facing away from the device, as shown below.
  2. Slip the mount tabs on the device into the tab slots on the bracket, as shown.
  3. Rotate the bracket until the clips snap into place and the flanges fit securely underneath the edge of the bracket mount.

Attach the Bracket and Device to the Ceiling Rail

  1. Hold the device upside down and slip the bracket tabs over the edges of the ceiling track.
  2. Press the device gently against the ceiling track and rotate it until the mount clips click onto place.
  3. To remove the device, use a flat-blade screwdriver to press the mount clips away from the rail until they disengage. Rotate the device and work it gently away from the bracket.


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