AP130 Hardware User Guide

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The AP130 wireless access point provides dual concurrent 2.4 GHz 802.11b/g/n and 5 GHz 802.11a/n/ac radios for 2x2:2 MIMO (multiple input multiple output) antennas. The AP130 is powered through power over Ethernet (PoE). These devices have built-in mounting hardware that allows you to install them on a dropped ceiling rail or a wall in a square position, and ship with a bracket that allows you to mount them in a diagonal position.

For more information about Extreme Networks APs in general, see "Introduction to Extreme APs".

For information about connecting your AP to the network, best-practices, and troubleshooting, see "Basic Troubleshooting for New Devices"

For regulatory and compliance information, see "Regulatory Compliance Statements".

Important! Change the Country Code

If your access point is configured for the World Regulatory Domain, it is important to set the country code to the country in which the AP will be deployed to meet regulatory requirements and for optimal wireless operation. To do this, follow these steps:

  • The country code selection is for World models only and is not available to FCC, CAN, and other country-specific models. Per FCC regulations, all Wi-Fi products marketed in the United States must be set to U.S. channels only.

Safety Guidelines

Install the AP

You can mount the AP130 on a flat surface or wall, or on the rails of a standard dropped ceiling grid. For square mounts, use the hardware on the back of the chassis. For diagonal mounts, use the mounting bracket that ships with the device.

The following sections describe how to install your AP130 devices and connect them to the network.

Hardware Components

You can see the hardware components of the AP130 in the illustration below and read about them in the sections that follow.

Component Descriptions

Hardware Specifications

The following specifications describe the physical features and hardware components, the power adapter and PoE electrical requirements, and the temperature and humidity ranges in which the devices can operate.

Regulatory Compliance Statements

The regulatory compliance statements in this section apply to Extreme Networks AP130 devices.


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