XR600P Router Hardware User Guide

Read about and view specifications and compliance information for the XR600P router in this topic. Install the XR600P router using this topic.

XR600P routers allow enterprises to provision branch office networks and teleworkers quickly and easily. The XR600P provides LAN and WAN connectivity and PoE (Power over Ethernet) support. The router has two WAN ports (WAN0/ETH0 and WAN1/ETH1), four LAN ports (ETH2/PoE through ETH5/PoE), a Console port, and two USB ports (USB2 and USB3).

Compliance Information: For compliance information for these devices, see "Regulatory Compliance Statements".

Install the XR600P Router

You can set XR600P routers on a desktop, mount them on a wall, or install them in a standard 19" equipment rack. The following sections describe these installations. Be sure to read the safety guidelines before you begin your installation.

Installation Instructions

Lock the Device

You can physically secure the router by attaching a lock and cable (such as a Kensington® notebook lock). Wrap the cable around an immovable object like a table or desk, and then insert the lock into the built-in security slot in the device.

Hardware Components

You can see the hardware components for the XR600P routers in the following illustration, and read about them in the descriptions that follow.

Component Descriptions

Hardware Specifications

The following specifications describe the hardware components, electrical requirements, and the environmental ranges in which the XR600P can operate.

Regulatory Compliance Statements

The regulatory compliance statements in this section apply to Extreme Networks XR600P devices.