SR2208P Switch Hardware User Guide

Read about and view specifications and safety guidelines for the SR2208P switch in this topic. Install the SR2208P switch using this topic.



SR2208P switches provide advanced network edge features including cloud-enabled management, on-demand provisioning, secure branch routing, Gigabit Ethernet switching, eight Ethernet PoE ports, two combo SFP uplink ports, and one RJ45 Console port.

Safety Guidelines

The information in this section applies to all Extreme Networks switch models.

The following safety icons identify the type of precaution:

This icon indicates a general caution. Failure to comply with a caution notification can result in damage to equipment.
This icon indicates an electrical caution. Failure to comply with an electrical notification can result in serious injury or death, and extensive damage to equipment.
This icon indicates a laser caution. Failure to comply with a laser caution can result in serious injury.
The following safety precautions apply to the installation of Extreme Networks switches.
Do not install the device in an environment where the operating ambient temperature might exceed the recommended ranges.
Changes or modifications made to this device that are not expressly approved by the party responsible for compliance could void the user's authority to operate the equipment.
The procedures in this manual are for qualified service personnel.
The switch must be connected only to PoE networks without routing to the outside plant.
Electrostatic discharge (ESD) can damage equipment and impair electrical circuitry. ESD damage occurs when electronic components are improperly handled and can result in complete or intermittent failures. Be sure to follow ESD-prevention procedures when handling electronic components.
Disconnect the power cord from all power sources to completely remove power from the device.
If the installation requires a different power cord than the one supplied with the device, make sure you use a power cord displaying the mark of the safety agency that defines the regulations for power cords in your country. The mark is your assurance that the power cord can be used safely with the device.
All fiber optic interfaces contain Class 1 lasers. Invisible laser radiation can also be emitted from disconnected fibers. Never look into the end of a fiber, regardless of whether it is active or disconnected.
The optical transceivers used in the SFP port must be laser Class 1 components (under CDRH definition), compliant with IEC/EN60825.

Install the SR2208P

Apply the self-adhesive rubber feet to the bottom of the SR2208P switch and Install it on a clean level desktop or surface, or mount it on a wall using the mounting hardware that ships with the device.

  • Follow the safety guidelines in "Safety Guidelines" to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment.

Shipping Carton Contents

The SR2208P switch shipping carton contains the following items:

  • SR2208P chassis
  • AC power adapter and power cable
  • RJ45 console cable
  • Four self-adhesive rubber feet
  • Generic QuickStart Guide
  • Hardware accessory kit containing power cord retainer clip, 2 wall anchors, and 2 Torx wall-mount screws.
  • Adequate ventilation is critical for switch operation. Install your devices in a properly ventilated area leaving 2" (5 cm) of clear space at the sides of the chassis to prevent overheating.

Mount the SR2208P on a Wall

To mount the SR2208P switch on a wall, first drill four holes in the wall 3.75" (9.5 cm) apart, center-to-center, and parallel to the floor or ceiling. Install the wall mount screws and wall anchors. Slip the large openings on the back of the switch over the heads of the wall mount screws, and slide the switch down until it is secure on the wall.

  • You can also mount the SR2208P in a standard equipment rack using the Extreme Networks accessory kit AH-ACC-SR-RM-ASM3.

Secure the Power Cord

Use the power cord to connect the switch to the AC adapter, and then connect the AC adapter to a standard AC power source. Use the retainer clip to secure the power cord to the switch connector. This is especially helpful for wall installations, where gravity can dislodge the connector.

  1. Insert the ends of the retainer clip into the holes on the tabs.
  2. Insert power cord connector.
  3. Rotate clip until it clicks into place over the power cord connector.

Hardware Components

You can see the hardware components for the SR2208P switch in the illustration below, and read about them in the descriptions that follow.

Hardware Component Descriptions

The following sections describe the hardware components for the SR2208P switch.

Hardware Specifications

The following specifications describe the hardware components, electrical requirements, and environmental ranges in which the SR2208P can operate.

Regulatory Compliance

The following statement applies to SR2208P devices:

Japan Equipment VCCI-A Statement

この装置は、クラスA情報技術装置です。この装置を家庭環境で使用すると電波妨害を引き起こすことがあります。この場合には使用者が適切な対策を講ずるよう要求されることがあります。 VCCI-A


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