Extreme Auxiliary Files

Below are some of the auxiliary files, such as MIB (Management Information Base) files and RADIUS dictionary, that you can use with your Extreme Networks network devices.

MIB Files

The following MIB files are available as .txt files. Some browser simply open the contents of a .txt file directly in the browser. If this happens, you can either right click the links below, and then choose Save link as, or you can save the contents of the text page directly to a .txt file.

MIB File Name Description
ah_interface_mib.txt This module contains the MIB definitions of interface-related information.
ah_mrp_mib.txt This module contains the MIB definitions related to MRP (mesh routing protocol).
ah_smi_mib.txt This is the module defines object types that are used throughout the Extreme Networks enterprise MIBs.
ah_system_mib.txt This module contains the MIB definitions of Extreme Networks system-related information.
ah_trap_mib.txt This module contains SNMP trap-related information.
ah_all_mibs.zip This .zip file contains all MIB files listed in this table.

MIB files are composed using ASN.1 (Abstract Syntax Notation) to define and describe data types. You can find more information about ASN.1 notation at the ITU (International Telecommunication Union) ASN.1 Project home page at the following URL:


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