New Features and Enhancements

Read about ExtremeCloud IQ new features and enhancements sorted by release in this topic.

The following list of new features and enhancements are listed in reverse-chronological order with the most recent additions listed first. Each feature or enhancement is dated with the month and year that it was released in ExtremeCloud IQ, followed by the ExtremeCloud IQ version number.

List of New Features and Enhancements

This release introduces the following new features and feature enhancements.

Because the ExtremeCloud IQ Help system is still under development, the information available on some of the features might be limited.

ExtremeCloud IQ - August 13, 2021

The following changes and new features were added in the current release of ExtremeCloud IQ.

Changes of Behavior or Appearance

Default Report Setting Improvements: To enhance presentation and readability, ExtremeCloud IQ reports contain the following changes to default behavior or appearance:

  • Top Usage widget now displays top usage by client by default, instead of by user.

  • Maximum Number of Simultaneous Connections is now Both by default.

  • Unique Clients is now Both by default.

Extreme AirDefense Essentials Configuration Location: To configure Extreme AirDefense Essentials in ExtremeCloud IQ, you now navigate to the WIPS configuration. Previously, administrators configured AirDefense Essentials in the device template.

Downgrade NotificationExtremeCloud IQ notifies administrators that downgrading a switch to VOSS versions 8.3 or earlier can disrupt communications between IQAgent and VOSS.

Radio Profile Setting Override Notification: ExtremeCloud IQ notifies administrators when a change withing Device 360 overrides settings in the radio profile.

New Alarm or Event EntriesExtremeCloud IQ generates new messages when the following events occur:

  • An unsuccessful IQAgent upgrade generates an alarm message.

  • An unsuccessful SSH tunnel generates an event message.

Device OS Support

This release of ExtremeCloud IQ supports devices running the following new device OS versions:

  • IQ Engine 10.3r4

  • VOSS 8.4.1 onboarding and drag-and-drop image support

  • VOSS download support for the ExtremeSwitching 5420 series

  • VOSS 8.3.1 image download support

  • VOSS 8.2.8 image download support

  • ExtremeXOS 31.3.1 Patch 1-5

  • ExtremeXOS 30.7.2 Patch 1

IQAgent Support

This release of ExtremeCloud IQ supports devices running following new IQAgent versions:

  • ExtremeXOS switches running IQAgent 0.4.47

  • VOSS swiches running IQAgent 0.4.13

  • SR2000-series switches running IQAgent 1.1.32

CoPilot Public Beta

ExtremeCloud IQ CoPilot displays useful information about the ExtremeCloud IQ account derived from data collected about account usage, periodic scans of the configuration, and the use of anomaly detection algorithms.

  • Anomaly Detection: This widget detects anomalies in Wi-Fi efficiency, and Wi-Fi capacity. ExtremeCloud IQ activates a visual indication when a new anomaly is detected.

    • Wi-Fi Efficiency Detection: Detects issues related to how well devices are using the Wi-Fi connection, such as Layer 2 retransmissions. CoPilot analyzes the nature of the inefficiency, determines a likely cause , and recommends possible actions you can take to remedy the issue.

    • Wi-Fi Capacity Detection: Detects issues related to how much of the available airtime devices are consuming. CoPilot analyzes which devices are consuming the airtime, attempts to determine the reasons, and then recommends possible actions you can take to reduce the usage.

  • Anomaly Details: You can view anomaly details, which include the anomaly type, when it last occurred, and its impact or severity.

  • Assurance Scans: This widget provides information about the number of scans that have occurred for various devices.

  • Licenses and Subscriptions: This widget displays the license and subscription status of cloud-native devices (devices that run IQ Engine) and non cloud-native devices, such as WiNG devices and XMC controllers.

  • Device Inventory: These two widgets display the device count by type, such as access point, edge switches, and routers, and by the OS the devices run.

  • Applications: This widget displays whether applications such as Extreme AirDefense Essentials are enabled and running.

  • Usage: This widget displays the data traffic metrics and the number of client sessions that devices handle daily.

  • Device Availability: This widget displays the percentage of uptime across all devices.

  • Account Summary: This widget provides general information about the ExtremeCloud IQ account, such as the age of the account, the owner, and the regional data center (RDC) in which it exists.

Dedicated Sensor Mode Enhancements

AP305C, AP305CX, AP510C, and AP510CX access point now support AirDefense Essentials shared and dedicated sensor modes on Wifi0 and Wifi1 interfaces.

Cloud Switching API Enhancements

You can now perform POST methods through the ExtremeCloud IQ API interface to send a CLI command to one device (POST /devices/{id}/:cli) or to several devices (POST /devices/:cli).

You can find API call syntax and details at the following URLs:

MAC Address Learning Enhancements

You can now enable the AP510C and AP510CX access points to learn MAC address based on the status of the Eth0 Ethernet interface.

Apply Filter Button

When you first open this page, the last applied filter is still in effect. You can modify the filter and select Apply Filter. ExtremeCloud IQ then displays the results.

The Apply Filter button appears gray if the filters are in sync with the displayed data, and blue if the filters are not in sync. To sync the data, select Apply Filter.

This new button allows you to make multiple changes to the filter before ExtremeCloud IQ updates the data.

NTP Server Classification Rule Improvements

Previously, in Policy > Additional Settings, when you created NTP classification rules, the screen only displayed 26 rules and did not scroll. With this release, these limitations have been corrected with pagination and a scroll bar.

Device Reset Notification

When you reset your devices to the factory defaults, you now see a success or failure notification, with the reasons for failure explained in the audit log.

EXOS Series 5520 Switch Stack Template-level Configuration Support

You can create and automate the stack configuration using a physical push button on 5520 switches that have all stacking cables plugged in and are running the default configuration. You can then onboard stack serial numbers into ExtremeCloud IQ and assign a network policy and device template without using CLI stacking commands. You can manually create an EXOS 5520 switch stack template for up to eight devices. PoE status can be toggled on or off. You can remove the serial number of a stack member that has failed and onboard the serial number for the replacement 5520 device.

EXOS Stack Interface Management Settings

You can now manage interface and VLAN settings and configure DHCP or static IPs and gateways for EXOS switch stacks at both the template and device level in ExtremeCloud IQ.

EXOS 5520 Stack Device Level Configuration

You can now configure the following device and port level features directly in the ExtremeCloud IQ UI for stacked switch slots:

  • SSH

  • S-CLI

  • Port VLAN

  • Port speed

  • Port STP

  • Port PoE

  • Port storm control

5520 Stack Upgrade Support

You can now upgrade the firmware of 5520 Universal Hardware switch stacks using the Update feature within ExtremeCloud IQ.

Ethernet Port Statistics

Wired interface statistics for APs have been added to Device 360 > Wired Interfaces. Statistics include TX and RX bytes, errors, and drops.

Installation Image and Video Clip Support

You can now upload, view, and manage images and video clips (up to 10 seconds) to Device 360 for AP, switch, switch stack, and router installations.

Detailed Update Failed Alarm Message

When a device update is unsuccessful, you can now view the details of the problem by navigating to Device 360 > <device_name> > Monitor > Events.


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