New Features and Enhancements

Read about ExtremeCloud IQ new features and enhancements sorted by release in this topic.

The following list of new features and enhancements are listed in reverse-chronological order with the most recent additions listed first. Each feature or enhancement is dated with the month and year that it was released in ExtremeCloud IQ, followed by the ExtremeCloud IQ version number.

List of New Features and Enhancements

This release introduces the following new features and feature enhancements.

Because the ExtremeCloud IQ Help system is still under development, the information available on some of the features might be limited.

ExtremeCloud IQ - December 20, 2020 Release

The following changes and new features were added in the current release of ExtremeCloud IQ.

Changes of Behavior or Appearance

IQ Engine Support

This release of ExtremeCloud IQ supports devices running the following IQ Engine versions:

Device Onboarding Enhancements

This release of ExtremeCloud IQ features a redesigned device onboarding workflow.

When beginning the process, you can select whether the device is to be managed by ExtremeCloud IQ (a cloud-managed device) or by a different management platform, such as Extreme Management Center, IQ Virtual Appliance, or a third-party management platform (a locally managed device).

In support of the new universal hardware platforms such as the 5520 switch and some access points, you can now also select which operating system to run on the device during the onboarding process.

You can find more information about the onboarding process by referring to the "Advanced Onboarding Guide".

Dual Boot AP Models Serial Number Recognition

With this release, ExtremeCloud IQ can now verify dual-boot capability for AP410C, AP305CX and AP460C devices based on their serial numbers.

Enhanced Hardened Ports Widget

With this release the Hardened Ports widget now displays the number of ports that are configured for static speed, duplex, or PoE output.

Common Hardware Support for AP305C, AP410C, and AP460C Devices

With this release, new tabs in the onboarding process enable you to designate AP410C, AP305C, and AP460C models as either WiNG7 devices or as Extreme Campus controller devices.

New Dropdown Option for 802.3bt 90W PSE Profile

With this release, when you configure a new PSE profile for a switch, the drop-down list now contains the option to select 802.3bt 90W.

Enhancement to Account Management

This release adds a search field at the top of the Admin Accounts table on the Account Management page.

Enhancement to Client Issues Data

This release adds interactivity to the Client Issues chart in the Client Health window. Select any data point inside the chart to see details about device issues.

Country Code Support and Channel List Validation for AP460S6C and AP460S12C Devices

This release adds country code support and channel validation using a new CLM file for AP460S6C and AP460S12C devices.

ExtremeCloud IQ Support for VIM Model Switches

With this release, ExtremeCloud IQ now recognizes 5520-VIM-4X, 5530-VIM-4XE, and 5520-VIM-4Y switch models.

ExtremeCloud IQ Support for Single Device Stack Visibility

With this release, a single switch that is configured as a stack will be displayed as a stack in ExtremeCloud IQ.

Revert from Device Settings to Device Template for ExtremeXOS and VOSS Switches

This release adds the ability to revert from device-level configuration to the template configuration for ExtremeXOS and VOSS Switches.

IGMP Snooping Support for ExtremeXOS and VOSS Switches

This release adds the ability to enable and disable IGMP snooping for ExtremeXOS and VOSS switches.

Client Health Data Enhancement

With this release, the Client Devices widget in the Client Health window is now interactive. Hover anywhere in the widget to see more details.

Wi-Fi Capacity Score Enhancement

This release adds a new Wi-Fi Capacity score widget in the Wi-Fi Health details window. For each location, the score is calculated on a per-radio basis (2.4 GHz, 5 GHz, or combined) and is a sum of all AP scores for that location.

New Access to Terms and Conditions on Registration Page

When creating a new administrator, the admin must review and accept the terms and conditions for the account. The admin can access the terms and conditions using the links provided.

ExtremeXOS and VOSS IQAgent Update

Support for all models of ExtremeXOS , VOSS, and 5520 switches are in this release. The new OS is version 8.2.6 for VOSS and version 3.1.1 for ExtremeXOS model switches. The 5520 switch series is configurable with either the VOSS or ExtremeXOS persona plus the IQAgent.

Virtual 5520 Support in ExtremeCloud IQ

With this release, you can onboard a virtual 5520 switch in ExtremeCloud IQ, simplifying network extensions without hardware acquisitions.

Missing content from Learn more about upgrading link

Selecting this link leads the user to the Connect-to-Pilot upgrade page. This webpage contains the steps required to upgrade the user's Connect version to the more feature-rich Pilot version of ExtremeCloud IQ.

Licensing Enhancements

ExtremeCloud IQ can retrieve license information and install and manage the licenses on selected switches. The Device Details page indicates the license status for the device.

Extended Application Metrics Visibility

With this release, a new report analytic, Application Group, is available. In the ExtremeCloud IQ Pilot dashboard, Top Usage by Client widget, you can find Application Group data . In Manage > Clients, Application Group data for wireless client devices connected to an Extreme Campus Controller (XCC) device, is found. In Manage > Devices, for XCC devices, application data is presented in the Application Group. In Manage > Applications, two new view options are available Displaying associated XCC application data.

Installing a VOSS image on a 5520 switch

With this release, you can configure a 5520 switch with the latest VOSS image. This capability allows administrators to load their 5520 switches with a specific version of VOSS.

PSE Level Clarification

This release clarifies the purpose of setting the PSE level for a switch. ExtremeCloud IQ issues an alert when the power a device uses exceeds the specified PSE value.

ExtremeXOS-5520 Stack Visibility

This release ensures 5520 switches in ExtremeXOS mode correctly report the stacked status. You can select Stack Role in the Column Picker list to display this stack state in the device list.

Deletion of Devices Managed from ExtremeCloud IQ

With this release, you cannot removed devices managed by Extreme Management Center (XMC) from ExtremeCloud IQ. You must remove them from the XMC view.


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