New Features and Enhancements

Read about ExtremeCloud IQ new features and enhancements sorted by release in this topic.

The following list of new features and enhancements are listed in reverse-chronological order with the most recent additions listed first. Each feature or enhancement is dated with the month and year that it was released in ExtremeCloud IQ, followed by the ExtremeCloud IQ version number.

List of New Features and Enhancements

This release introduces the following new features and feature enhancements.

Because the ExtremeCloud IQ Help system is still under development, the information available on some of the features might be limited.

ExtremeCloud IQ - February 2, 2021

The following changes and new features were added in the current release of ExtremeCloud IQ.

IQ Engine Support

This release of ExtremeCloud IQ supports devices running IQ Engine versions 10.0r01b and 10.3r1.

New Hardware Support

With this release, support for the AP302W has been added to ExtremeCloud IQ. This includes a forced upgrade for these devices to 10.3r1, and their addition to onboarding, device templates, radio profiles, configuration workflows, device monitoring and management, topology, Network 360 displays, international SKU verification, international power tables, and DFS settings.

Configuration Delta between Template and Device for APs is now Displayed

With this release, you can now quickly identify configuration differences between template-level settings and device-level settings. Devices with device-level settings (configuration overrides) are identified by an amber diamond with a white exclamation point in the Status field of the Devices list. In the Monitor window, under Actions, you now have the option to revert to the template configuration and override local device settings, in the same way as you can do with switches. In the Device detail window, devices with overrides are identified as such by an Overrides label that appears above the image of the device.

Save is Disabled except for Real Changes in Device Entity Sections

With this release, the Save button in the Device Entity sections listed below is disabled until you make actual configuration changes.

  • Interface Settings

  • Bonjour Gateway Settings

  • DHCP Server and Relay

  • Device Credentials

  • Neighboring Devices

Display CUID for Customer in VIQ

With this release, to facilitate LEM (license entitlement management), the CUID (customer unique identifier) now appears in VIQ accounts.

Add WPA3 Enterprise Support to WPA3 Certification

This release adds the 802.11ax WPA3 Enterprise options to WPA3 certification. You can now make the following selections:

  • Transition Mode - On/Off

  • 192-bit Mode - On/Off

  • If you select WPA3 under enterprise, the message you see now contains the following text: Options for transition mode and 192-bit encryption are supported by OS version 10.2r4 or later.

Updates to the Troubleshoot Now Function

This release includes the following updates to the Troubleshoot Now function in the Client 360 view:

  • ExtremeCloud IQ automatically selects APs that will troubleshoot a specific client.

  • Active troubleshooting on APs is now indicated in the Devices list by a dedicated status icon for the AP. This also applies to the associated clients in the Clients list.

  • Each troubleshooting session now appears as an event in the Client events table.

  • Each session has a timestamp, and identifies which user initiated the event. You can now enter additional information about the event in an editable description field.

  • For active sessions, a countdown timer for the session timeout (10 minutes) is displayed.

  • When you select client event entries, captured client events received are listed in the order in which they occurred.

  • A session, once initiated, is kept alive for each client for 10 minutes. When the session expires, the no exec client-monitor <client-mac> command is sent to the APs.

Enhancements to the Router Device Display in Device 360 and Device Monitor

With this release, the display of router information in the Device 360 and Device monitor view has been enhanced to align with switch information. The following items have been added or enhanced:

  • In the device template, when you hover your mouse over a router port, you now see information details for that port.

  • As with switches, you can now bounce a router port from the template.

  • This release adds CPU, Memory, MAC address table, and PoE utilities.


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