A3 Version 2.1.0 Release Notes

View descriptions of the newest features, and review the known and addressed A3 issues on this page.

New Features and Enhancements

You can access the A3 Web Admin interface by using the URL https://<ip_address>:1443, where <ip_address> is the IP address of the A3 virtual machine.

The following new features and enhancements were added in this release of Extreme Networks A3:

Software Considerations

These deployment and use consideration are not necessarily software nonconformances or issues, but might affect workflow, and are presented here for your reference.

The following are known software limitations in this release of Extreme Networks A3:

You must upload the HTTPS and EAP-TLS certificates of a cluster to the cluster primary and not to the member nodes.
When setting up a cluster, you can only join one node to the cluster at a time. To join addition nodes, be sure to wait for the previous join process to complete.
When linking to an Aerohive cloud account, reports only include data from that moment onward, and do not include historical data prior to linking.
You cannot change the management network interface configuration of an A3 cluster through the UI after initial configuration. Ensure the accuracy of your initial setup when configuring the management network interface.
When performing software update on a cluster, progress does not appear incrementally, but appears all at once at the end of the process.
A3 currently supports only one Ethernet interface.
Administrators might not be able to log in to A3 if the system clock on the A3 system is not accurate.
After adding an Active Directory domain, always restart A3 services in the following order to prevent service dependency issues: radiusd, radsniff, netdata, pfstat.
In a cluster environment, all configuration must occur on the cluster primary.
When you remove a node from an A3 cluster, it can neither rejoin the cluster, nor function as a standalone and must be discarded.

Known Issues

The following are known issues in this release of Extreme Networks A3:

ID Description
A3-1531 RADIUS logs are unavailable on the VIP RADIUS debug page when devices authentication on a slave node.
A3-1525 An A3 node cannot join a cluster with there is no virtual IP address configured for an interface.
A3-1499 Administrators cannot swap IP addresses between two interfaces.
A3-1247 RADIUS logs are unavailable on the VIP RADIUS debug page when devices authentication on a slave node.
A3-1224 The A3 Tools page does not appear properly on some macOS versions.
A3-1179 A3 sometimes prompts the admin to enter a user name and password when performing authentication tests using sources that do not require this type of authentication.
A3-920 When an admin restarts an entire cluster, one of the cluster node databases sometimes cannot start properly.
A3-910 If the initial setup is not completed by the time the current DHCP lease expires, A3 loses its IP address.
A3-860 When an admin attempts to restore a cluster from VM snapshots, A3 sometimes does not start properly.
A3-857 A3 does not start properly after an admin removes an active node from a multiple-node cluster that has an inactive node.
  Some in-product documentation links within the A3 interface do not link correctly to the documentation.
  Profile installation on macOS requires the captive web portal to be opened using the Safari browser.
  Clicking Restart All to restart services on the Services page does not successfully restart some services and can result in unpredictable behavior.

Addressed Issues

The following issues have been addressed in this release of Extreme Networks A3:

ID Description Fix Version
A3-475 A3 sometimes applied VLANs to the incorrect interface in situations in which there were multiple Ethernet interfaces. 2.1.0

Additional resources

The following guides are available for Extreme Networks A3 v2.0.0:


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