A3 Version V3.2.0 Release Notes

View descriptions of the newest features and review the known and addressed A3 issues on this page.

New Features and Enhancements

The A3 Web Admin interface is accessed through the https://<ip_address>:1443 URL, where <ip_address> is the IP address of the A3 virtual machine.

This release of Extreme Networks A3 is a maintenance release and includes only bug fixes.

The upgrade process is a very CPU intensive task. Before upgrading, please make sure that each of the cluster node has sufficient idle CPU cycles. If messages similar to those below are displayed in the GUI window after upgrade, then either configuration files could not be backed up within the 2 minute window or configurations changes occurred while the system was trying to perform a backup. If this is the case, you will need to try again with the system in a more quiescent state.


Gathering cluster information... done!
Checking health of cluster nodes... done!
Backing up cluster data... error at
Cluster update was unsuccessful.

Changes in Behavior or Appearance

This version of A3 features the following changes in behavior and appearance:

ID Description
A3-377 A Backup & Restore features has been added. Configuration changes made through the A3 GUI may now be saved and downloaded. Restores require SSH access under the direction of Extreme Networks support staff. Backups may not be used across A3 versions; backup and restore are not needed following an upgrade. See Configuration > System Configuration > Backup.
A3-2089 SSH access to the underlying A3 Linux system is available. It must be enabled in Tools > Network Tools > SSH. Access duration and login credentials must be supplied.
A3-2408 It is now possible to upload a new logo file for use on Captive Portals. See ConfigurationPolicies and Access ControlConnection Profiles > Captive Portal.
A3-2414 Support for Microsoft Intune and ServiceNow provisioners has been added. See ConfigurationAdvanced Access ConfigurationProvisioners.
A3-2415 Support for Family Zone, LightSpeedRocket, and SmoothWall firewall SSO support has been added. See ConfigurationIntegrationFirewall SSO.
A3-2416 Eduroam RADIUS queries may now be proxied through an additional server. See ConfigurationPolicies and Access ControlDomains and Realms.
A3-2417 A history of DNS queries are now visible through auditing. See DNS Audit Logs
A3-2418 A network visualization tool is available to view network and A3 components. See StatusNetwork View
A3-2422 DHCP servers associated with interfaces may now specify the algorithm used to assign addresses from the pool, either random or oldest IP. See ConfigurationNetwork ConfigurationInterfaces.
A3-2427 SentinelOne's version 2.0 API is now supported. See ConfigurationAdvanced Access ConfigurationProvisioners.
A3-2430 The VLAN Pool Technique has been moved from ConfigurationSystem ConfigurationMain ConfigurationA3 Version V3.2.0 Release Notes to ConfigurationPolicies and Access ControlConnection Profiles.
A3-2481 Access duration can now be set for devices registered by users in the Self Service Portal. See ConfigurationAdvanced Access ConfigurationSelf Service Portal.
A3-2487 Internal security events can now be triggered on either the managed network or production network only. See ConfigurationComplianceScans.
A3-2500 A registration VLAN is now an option when using Extreme/Aerohive access points. Layer 3 communication in conjunction with firewall rules are used to restrict user access during registration. See Deployment Modes.
A3-2574 All of the A3 logs are available for viewing, following, or download. See Tools > Tech Data Tools > Logs.
A3-2575 The WMI test page may be used to perform a WMI scan in a selected domain. An individual computer system or process name may be targeted. See ToolsScanning Tools > WMI Test.

Software Limitations

Limitations are not necessarily software issues, but might affect workflow, and are presented here for your reference and consideration.

The following are known software limitations in this release of Extreme Networks A3:

When setting up a cluster, only one node should be added to the cluster at a time. Additional nodes should only be added after the previous join process has completed.
When linking to an Extreme Networks cloud account, reports only include data from that moment onward, and do not include historical data prior to linking.
You cannot change the management network interface of an A3 cluster using the UI after initial configuration. Ensure the accuracy of your setup when you initially configure the management network interface.
Administrators might not be able to log in to A3 if the clock on the A3 system is not accurate.
When you remove a node from an A3 cluster, it can neither rejoin the cluster, nor function as a standalone and must be discarded.

Known Issues

The following are known issues in this release of Extreme Networks A3:

ID Description
  Prior to upgrading from a pre-V3.x version, Extreme Networks recommends powering down your server or cluster members. If the RAM associated with the A3 VM still uses the old default of 8 GB, it should be increased to 16 GB.
  This issue pertains to A3 instances in which the A3 server or cluster was connected to HiveManager prior to the upgrade. After performing the upgrade, the administrator should log into the local A3 GUI and unlink the server or cluster from Hive Manager. The setting for this is at Configuration > System Configuration > Cloud Integration. After a moment, the server can be relinked to the HiveManager account. This may be necessary if an administrator can not log into the A3 cloud GUI from HiveManager.
  Profile installation on macOS requires the captive web portal to be opened using the Safari browser.
  The Network Detection feature of the Captive Portal is always enabled, regardless of the setting of the switch in Configuration > Advanced Access Configuration > Captive Portal.
A3-99 When creating an Active Directory entry, the identifier must be alpha-numeric with no spaces.
A3-781 If you have two factor authentication with Google Authenticator enabled in your ExtremeCloudIQ account, it must be disabled temporarily before using that account to link an A3 deployment.
A3-910 If the initial setup is not completed by the time the current DHCP lease expires, A3 loses its IP address.
A3-1179 A3 sometimes prompts the admin to enter a user name and password when performing authentication tests using sources that do not require this type of authentication. Enter any value.
A3-1180 Authentication tests do not change prompts to be applicable with the Authentication Source. Enter appropriate values into the Username and Password fields.
A3-1277 When two SSID filters are used in a single connection profile, 802.1x logins fail.
A3-2249 Administrative rules cannot be configured for EAP-TLS authentication.
A3-2354 The labels Switch and Switch Group may occasionally appear. These correspond to Device and Device Group in A3 terminology.
A3-2510 A3 servers with prior versions may be allowed to join a cluster.
A3-2579 The Captive Portal redirection delay may be too short. The redirection may have occurred in spite of an error message.
A3-2623 Captive portal operation fails if there is a "#" in the SSID name.
A3-2624 There is no way to delete a Role in the A3 GUI.
A3-2653 Backup from the Backup & Restore page must be done on the master A3 node.

Addressed Issues

The following issues have been addressed in this release of Extreme Networks A3:

ID Description Fix Version
A3-2637 Captive Portals now open faster for Apple and Samsung devices. 3.2.0
A3-2432 LinkedIn social logins did not function due to deprecated API calls. 3.2.0
A3-1682 Sponsored users might receive multiple emails. 3.2.0
A3-2390 Let's Encrypt generated SSL certificates could not be updated. 3.2.0
A3-2559 The RADIUS proxy ignored stripping settings. 3.2.0
A3-2566 Violation information was not updated correctly on the cloud version of A3. 3.2.0


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