Juniper Forms Alliance With Aerohive; Says Aruba Partnership Still Intact
Juniper Networks reveals a new partnership with wireless vendor, Aerohive Networks, with the possibility of building a combined technology solution on the horizon. By Mark Haranas. CRN, 09/17/2015
Lamar County School District Upgrades to 802.11ac Wi-Fi
Lamar County School District (LCSD) in Mississippi has implemented 802.11ac wireless network infrastructure throughout its schools and auxiliary buildings to support its expanding 1-to-1 technology initiative, bring-your-own-device (BYOD) initiative and integration with Google Classroom. By Leila Meyer. The Journal, 09/16/2015
Aerohive Releases On-Premises Version of HiveManager NG
Aerohive Networks has introduced a version of its network management system that can be run from an on-premises appliance as an alternative to cloud network management. The company has also added several new features to HiveManager Next Generation (NG). By Dian Schaffhauser. The Journal, 09/09/2015
CIOs Landing Board Seats as More Companies Seek Tech Insight
Starbucks CIO Curt Garner discusses joining Aerohive’s board of directors. By Kim S. Nash. WSJ, 08/31/2015
Tim Cook on Apple's Initiative to Change Lives in the Classroom
Watch how Aerohive is providing the Wi-Fi for the ConnectED initiative. ABC News, 08/27/2015
CRN Exclusive: Aerohive CEO On HP Aruba 'Strong-Arm' Tactics, WiFi 'Haves' And 'Have-Nots'
Aerohive Networks, which is battling networking behemoth Cisco and HP Aruba, is striving to move beyond Wi-Fi-vendor-only status to a cloud software/mobility company. By Mark Haranas. CRN, 08/17/2015
Dicker Data NZ Growth Continues with Aerohive Deal
Today wireless vendor Aerohive announced it has appointed Dicker Data as a distribution partner in New Zealand. The appointment will leverage the networking capabilities and reach of Dicker Data to grow Aerohive’s business in the local market. Channel Life, 08/07/2015
Starbucks CIO on Aerohive: 'Great Product, Great People'
In a recent interview, Starbucks' top IT exec shared why he decided to join this enterprise mobility vendor's board of directors. By Michelle Burbick. No Jitter, 08/05/2015
Aerohive Continues Its Drive to Reach World Domination
Aerohive is well positioned – in part because it has a great product that is centrally managed – perfect for the cloud and now far easier to deploy, configure, and understand. By Rich Tehrani, TMCnet, 07/22/2015
Cabinet Office Underpins Technology Transformation Project with New Wi-Fi
Aerohive network will support 1,700 civil servants to work more flexibly. By Joe Curtis. IT Pro, 07/15/2015
Clarks Completes UK Store Wi-Fi Roll-out
Shoe retailer Clarks has completed the roll-out of new Wi-Fi services across its UK store estate, using a solution from Aerohive Networks. By Ben Sillitoe. Essential Retail, 06/23/2015
Is Aerohive Networks Inc (HIVE) A Good Stock To Buy?
With many things going on, both existing and potential investors are asking whether Aerohive Networks Inc (NYSE:HIVE) is a good stock to buy now or not. By Victor Omondi. Insider Monkey, 06/23/2015
Clarks Drives In-Store Engagement with Wi-Fi
Eager to expand the role of mobility across its omnichannel shopping experience, Clarks is adding a new Wi-Fi network that promises to support customer engagement efforts across more than 500 locations. By Deena M. Amato-McCoy. Mobile Enterprise, 06/17/2015
Facing the Security Challenges of WLANs
With the ever-increasing demand for mobility, and wireless rapidly replacing Ethernet as the primary access method onto the network, organizations are cautious of the security challenges that lie ahead. And that is especially true given the demand for access from a growing number of guest and BYO- devices.  By Mathew Edwards, XCHANGE Events, 06/10/2015
Wi-Fi, IoT and Apps: Enabling The Next Wave Of Retail Stores
Where mobile devices and the Internet once threatened the existence of the high street as we know it, technology such as cloud-enabled applications, Wi-Fi and the Internet of Things (IoT) are now key enablers of the retail store of the future. By Mathew Edwards, Solution Providers for Retail, 06/05/2015
5 Wireless Products Businesses Can Use to Optimize and Grow
Thanks to an abundance of hardware options, business wireless networks can solve many problems. Finding the right solution depends on the problem they’re trying to solve. By Calvin Hennick. BizTech, 06/04/2015
Westcoast Bolsters Mobility Portfolio with Aerohive
Westcoast is shoring up its mobility portfolio with the addition of Aerohive Networks’ cloud-managed wireless networking range to its line-up. By Christine Horton. Channel Pro, 06/01/2015
Should You Upgrade to 802.11ac?
Pulaski County Special School District in Little Rock, AR, recently expanded its wireless network to include a mix of 802.11n and 802.11ac access points from Aerohive. That bandwidth increase will let teachers and students use their iPads to stream more content and participate in the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) online assessments. By Leila Meyer, The Journal, 05/28/2015
Barracuda and Aerohive Bolster Wireless Security Product Ties
Two networking companies have teamed up to improve wireless security coverage for their respective customers. Barracuda Networks and Aerohive Networks are working together to integrate Aerohive's HiveOS devices with Barracuda's security products.  By Dian Schaffhauser, The Journal, 05/26/2015
Barracuda, Aerohive Team Up for Enterprise Wi-Fi Security Products
Security firm Barracuda Networks and Wi-Fi provider Aerohive Networks have teamed up to offer integrated wireless security products for BYOD environments.  By Fred Donovan, Fierce Mobile IT, 05/22/2015
Barracuda, Aerohive Bring Wired/Wireless Security Solutions to BYOD Environments
Barracuda Networks and Aerohive Networks have formed a partnership, under which Aerohive’s HiveOS access points and switches will now integrate with Barracuda’s Web Security Service, Web Filter, and NG Firewall products.  By Robert Keenan, Mobile Enterprise, 05/21/2015
Aerohive Adds Ease of Use, Massive Dell Distribution Network
Aerohive is well-positioned – in part because they have a great product which is centrally managed – perfect for the cloud and they have made it far easier to deploy, configure and understand. With the Dell distribution channel added to their current sales efforts, we can expect far more success in the market. By Rich Tehrani. TMCnet, 05/06/2015
Dell Adds Aerohive Wireless Products to Wi-Fi Portfolio
Dell will resell Aerohive Networks' cloud-managed Wi-Fi products. The computer maker is strengthening its mobile portfolio as rival Hewlett-Packard prepares to do the same through the acquisition of Aruba. By Gina Narcisi. SearchNetworking, 05/05/2015
Prepping WLANs For The Internet Of Things
A flood of connected Internet connected devices will create new challenges for WLAN design. By Marcia Savage. Network Computing, 04/29/2015
Dell to Resell Aerohive Wireless Networking Products
The agreement comes almost two months after HP announced it was buying Aruba Networks for $2.7 billion to augment its wireless networking efforts. By Jeffrey Burt. eWeek, 04/28/2015
HP Buys Aruba and Next Thing You Know Dell is Reselling Aerohive WiFi Gear
Aerohive Networks announced Monday that Dell will begin reselling its wireless LAN and related management products -- not a shocker in light of longtime Dell OEM partner Aruba Networks being snapped up by HP in a multi-billion deal last month. By Bob Brown. Network World, 04/27/2015
Aerohive Reorganises Partner Programme
Network management firm Aerohive has launched a new partner programme to support the company’s top-performing channel partners. The company has appointed Johnna Bowley as vice president of worldwide sales operations and global channels to spearhead this new programme. Channel Pro, 04/22/2015
CRN Exclusive: Aerohive Names Johnna Bowley Its New Channel Chief
Aerohive Networks appointed channel veteran Johnna Bowley as its new channel chief, a move partners say reaffirms the Sunnyvale, Calif.-based wireless vendor's commitment to the channel. By Mark Haranas, CRN, 04/20/2015
Aerohive Networks Builds Data Lake in the Cloud
Aerohive Networks is providing a set of tools to enable exploration of access point data on Aerohive wireless networks. Next up, Aerohive, will use REST APIs to enable MSPs to store data from other sources in the Aerohive data lake. By Mike Vizard, MSPmentor, 04/17/2015
Baltimore County Schools Upgrades Network To Support Mobile Learning
Baltimore County Public Schools (BCPS) has implemented a new wireless network districtwide to support its mobile learning objectives. By Leila Meyer, The Journal, 04/15/2015
The Internet of Things Will Have a Major Impact On Retailers
While many retailers may not have many connected devices today, it is vital that retailers prepare for the tsunami of IoT devices coming their way as these new devices will have a major impact on the way retailers run their business. By Abby Strong, Solutions Providers for Retailers, 04/14/2015
Top Cisco Sales Exec Leaves For Wireless Competitor Aerohive
Cisco lost a top sales executive on Monday, Tom Wilburn, who decided to jump ship to wireless competitor Aerohive Networks to become its new senior vice president of worldwide sales. By Mark Haranas, CRN, 04/13/2015
Updated Aerohive Cloud Management Platform Supports Mobility on Campus and in the Enterprise
Mobility and the cloud are becoming increasingly intertwined and cloud solutions must be able to handle the demand for mobile support. Aerohive Networks caters to mobile-first organizations, and the company has released an update to its HiveManager Next Generation (NG) cloud management platform. By Laura Stotler , Cloud Contact Center, 04/09/2015
Aerohive Launch Aimed At Growing Education Market
As billions of federal dollars are expected to flow into schools each year to improve wireless and network infrastructure through the U.S. government's E-rate program, Aerohive Networks hopes to gain more traction with the launch of a mobility solution targeted at the educational sector. By Mark Haranas, CRN, 04/07/2015
Aerohive Targets Education with 802.11ac Access Point Release
Simplified system aims to capitalize on possible resurgence in educational wireless LAN buying. By Jon Gold, Network World, 04/07/2015
Aerohive Updates HiveManager with Simplified On-Boarding, Troubleshooting
Aerohive Networks has unveiled a new version of its cloud-enabled network management system, HiveManager Next Generation (NG). By Leila Meyer, The Journal, 04/07/2015
New Aerohive Wireless Product Includes Updated Cloud-based Management
Aerohive Networks introduced a cloud-based wireless product for the education space that will provide more insight into user behavior and easier Wi-Fi management for non-IT staff. By Gina Narcisi, SearchNetworking, 04/07/2015
Schools Push Wi-Fi Accessibility to the FourCorners of Campus
With wireless available everywhere, students and teachers find compelling ways to use it. By Calvin Hennick, EdTech, 03/30/2015
Aerohive Keeps Innovating- PPSK, Guest and BYOD Management
Aerohive is all about cloud-enabled services rather than onsite hardware, and ID Manager is no exception. Among the latest enhancements is an iOS app for ID Manager and a re-emphasis of the strengths of the company’s unique Private PSK (PPSK). Toolbox for IT, 03/22/2015
New Aerohive iOS Option Opens its Network Access Platform to Apple Devices
Cloud-managed mobile networking and Wi-Fi provider Aerohive has unveiled an iOS version of its ID Manager enterprise access management app that enables self-service guest and BYOD device registration by employees. By Robert Bartley, FierceMobileIT, 03/19/2015
Aerohive Entices Aruba Customers Fearful Of HP Acquisition With Big Discount
Wireless vendor Aerohive Networks is trying to nab existing Aruba Networks customers and partners who might be wary of Aruba's planned acquisition by Hewlett-Packard by offering them up to a 25 percent discount off Aerohive wireless and networking products. By Mark Haranas, CRN, 03/09/2015
Behind the HP Aruba acquisition
Abby Strong, Aerohive director of product marketing, notes in a blog post that WLan vendor acquisitions ‘are difficult to say the least’. By Heather Wright, Channel Life, 03/04/2015
HP, Aruba Competitors Seize the Day, Expect 'Huge Opportunity’
It didn't take long for Aruba Networks' competitors to seize on the company's acquisition by HP, letting the world know that they will take advantage of the situation and do their best to steal market share where they can. By Monica Alleven, FierceWirelessTech  , 03/04/2015
An Issue of School Culture
Tech wisdom from one of the nation's first fully digital curriculum public school districts. By Matt Federoff, EdTech Digest, 02/26/2015
Staying Ahead of Wireless Demand with 802.11ac
Faced with the ever-growing wireless needs of students and faculty, savvy colleges and universities are future-proofing their networks with the new 802.11ac standard. By David Raths, Campus Technology, 02/12/2015
Controller-less Wi-Fi Is More Reliable, Less Expensive for Arizona District
Network traffic is now managed locally, creating a great 1:1 classroom experience. By Chrissy Winske, K-12 Tech Decisions, 02/12/2015
Sicheres Internet der Dinge trotz WLAN
Das IoT (Internet of Things) setzt voraus, dass die beteiligten Geräte sowie deren Vernetzung zuverlässig und sicher funktionieren. Entwickler und Anwender blenden dabei problematische Aspekte gerne aus. Ein WLAN/Wi-Fi-Spezialist erklärt hier, wie man diese Netzwerktechnik sinnvoll für das IoT verwendet. Fachartikel von David Simon, all-electronics.de, 02/10/2015
When Communications and Shopping Meet Up
Aerohive builds up its Personalized Engagement Platform ecosystem, helps retailers communicate with and cater to shoppers. By Beth Schultz, No Jitter, 01/23/2015
Aerohive Taps Passbook for Retail Engagement
Aerohive Networks has announced its "Personalised Engagement ecosystem" aimed at helping retailers get more out of the Wi-Fi connectivity they provide to customers. By Stephen Withers, iTWire, 01/21/2015
Aerohive Offering Targets the Next Generation of Retail
Aerohive Networks delivered what it is calling a Personalized Engagement Ecosystem built to boost customer activity at brick-and-mortar retail stores. By Mark Haranas, CRN, 01/20/2015
Aerohive's new wireless AP enables outdoor 802.11ac Gigabit Wi-Fi
Aerohive Networks recently announced its new outdoor Gigabit Wi-Fi 802.11ac access point. Designed to meet the growing demand for outdoor high-speed connectivity, the new Aerohive 802.11ac AP1130 provides highly resilient network access even in extremely challenging physical environments. By Cabling Install, 01/06/2015


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Aerohive AP1130: Apocalypse-Proof AC Router
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Aerohive's New High-Speed Wireless AP Braves Snow, Rain, Heat
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Aerohive Intros Ruggedized 802.11ac Access Point for Outdoor Wireless
By Rhea Kelly, 12/16/2014
Aerohive and Cloud4Wi offer retailers turnkey customer engagement solution
By Zeus Kerravala, 12/10/2014
by Mobile Business, 11/14/2014
Aerohive has announced its participation in the ConnectED program, providing Wi-Fi connectivity to included K-12 schools nationwide.
by TechTarget, 11/14/2014
Le Wi-Fi peut-il garantir la sécurité de l’Internet des Objets ?
by LA Tribune, 11/09/2014
Ist das Internet der Dinge mit WLAN wirklich sicher?
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Aerohive Networks Teams With Apple To Drive Obama's ConnectED Program
by CRN, 10/28/2014
Aerohive Tapped for Apple-led ConnectED Effort
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Les beacons apportent interactivité et personnalisation dans le Tourisme
by TOM Travel, 10/23/2014
Universidade mineira cobre campus com Wi-Fi Aerohive
by Computerworld, 10/22/2014
Aerohive, Verizon team up for cloud-managed Wi-Fi retail
by TechTarget, 10/21/2014
How to Manage the Perfect BYOD Roll-Out
by Business Review Europe, 10/06/2014
Simplifying BYO Management
by Mobile Enterprise, 10/01/2014
Schools Take Wi-Fi to the Cloud
by Steve Zurier, 09/23/2014
Workers rail against poor wireless networks
by ABC Technology and Games, 09/18/2014
Aerohive and Radius Networks integrate wireless, iBeacon technology
by Gina Narcisi, 09/18/2014
Aerohive Adds iBeacon Support
By Lee Badman, 09/10/2014
With Mobility’s Future Hanging on 200-Year-Old Tech (Batteries), Power-Savings Amps Up
BY Matthew Gast, 09/10/2014
Aerohive's retail strategy comes full circle with radius partnership
By Zeus Kerravala, 09/03/2014
Aerohive Networks Delivers Personalized, Proximity-Based WiFi
By Rhea Kelly, 09/03/2014
How Senior Living is Using The Cloud to Improve Care, Security
By Cassandra Dowell, 08/26/2014
Daybreak Venture Adding Tablets to Point of Care
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Aerohive promises Wi-Fi scalability
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Texan healthcare provider Daybreak Venture deploys Aerohive Wi-Fi
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Light bulb illuminates WiFi weakness: IOT security needs to improve
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How Aerohive is trying to personalize in-store shopping
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Horseshoes, Hand Grenades, and Augmenting Reality: Location, Proximity, and Building Apps
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What to expect from 11ac’s next big deal: multiuser MIMO
By John Cox, 07/07/2014
What Iron Man can teach us about future-proofing the Internet of Things
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Tennessee Tech University extends campus WLAN with Aerohive
By Gulli Arnason, 06/17/2014
Aerohive Challenging Motorola And HP In Wireless
By PETE BARLAS, 06/13/2014
Building Tomorrow's Wireless LAN
By CIO Today UK, 05/29/2014
Home Wi-Fi beats enterprise wireless for workers
By Smart Chimps, 05/28/2014
Wi-Fi networks are wasting a gigabit—but multi-user beamforming will save the day
by Jon Brodkin, 05/20/2014
IT Life: The Wi-Fi Guy Who Flies The Sky
By Peter Judge, 05/16/2014
Controller-less WLAN solution helps Swansea pick Aerohive for schools
by Alex Scroxton, 05/12/2014
Diocese of San Bernardino Adopts Wi-Fi And Network Management Solution
By School CIO, 05/10/2014
Will Wave 2 of 802.11ac minimize Ruckus Wireless' advantage?
By Zeus Kerravala, 05/07/2014
Aerohive prepares for a world where everything is connected.
By John R. Quain, 04/25/2014
Palm Beach County Upgrades Wi-Fi To Support Digital Learning
By Leila Meyer, 04/17/2014
Aerohive's new access points remove deployment barriers
By Zeus Kerravala, 04/16/2014
3 things to consider when upgrading WiFi for retail
by Sree Kannan, 04/11/2014
Senior Living Community Goes Wireless
By Alison Diana, 04/11/2014
Aerohive Intros New Gigabit Access Point
By Leila Meyer, 04/09/2014
Aerohive Not Vulnerable to Heartbleed Bug
By: Mike Kouri, 04/09/2014
Aerohive Intros Money Saving 802.11ac Access Point
By James Sullivan, 04/09/2014
Aerohive adds new 802.11ac Gigabit Wi-Fi access point for $799
By Infotech, 04/09/2014
Enterprise WLANs 2014 – A Few More Announcements
By Craig Mathias, 04/08/2014
Aerohive Brings New Access Point To Maturing 11ac Market
By Lee Badman, 04/08/2014
Aerohive Networks Celebrates IPO on the New York Stock Exchange
NYSE New York Stock Exchange, 03/28/2014
Aerohive Networks IPO raises $75 million for mobile-focused networking effort
By Jeremy C. Owens, 03/28/2014
Aerohive Networks Inc. (NYSE: HIVE) Celebrates IPO At NYSE: CEO Discusses 'Explosion' Of Digital Learning
By Jessica Menton, 03/28/2014
Aerohive Networks struggles to hold IPO price after raising $75M
By Cromwell Schubarth, 03/28/2014
There's no bubble in business Wi-Fi, Aerohive CEO says
By Stephen Lawson, 03/28/2014
Concerns Arise Over Hot Market for IPOs
By Scott Budman, 03/28/2014
Aerohive CEO: Focus On Next Gen Enterprise Mobility
By Carl Quintanilla and Kayla Tausche, 03/28/2014
Classifying the Software Stack for the Internet of Things
by Matthew Gast, 02/27/2014
Aerohive's Public Education Campaign on the Evolution to Controller-less WLANs
By Daniel Brecht, 02/27/2014
Kurt Mills, Vice President, Channel Sales, Aerohive, Sales
by CRN, 02/25/2014
Additional Spectrum for Wi-Fi, a Year On
by Matthew Gast, 02/10/2014
Aerohive Brings Smarter, Simpler Wi-Fi to Distributed Enterprises
by Ashley Dotterweich, 02/05/2014
Aerohive unveils mobile management solution…
by James Henderson, 02/03/2014
Aerohive Launches New Cloud-based Mobility Suite
by CJ Arlotta, 01/30/2014
Getting Over the Post-holiday BYOD Proliferation Blues
by Bob Laliberte, 01/29/2014
Aerohive helps manage mobile devices and Wi-Fi infrastructure together
by Gina Narcisi, 01/29/2014
Mobility Management: The Rollup Gains Momentum
by Craig Mathias, 01/28/2014
Aerohive launches Mobility Suite for better device management on Wi-Fi networks
by James Atkinson, 01/28/2014
Aerohive Announces Mobility Suite for Managing Mobile Devices
by Rhea Kelly, 01/28/2014
Aerohive flying high following super strong 2013
by James Henderson, 01/16/2014
The Mobile Enterprise: Prepare for Change – Why a Mobile Second Mindset Pays Dividends
by Paul Hennin, 01/10/2014
Controller-less WLAN solution helps Swansea pick Aerohive for schools
By Alex Scroxton,


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Aerohive launches first 802.11ac Wi-Fi products
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Aerohive services available on Apple online stores in Europe
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Finding the lazy bee’s – Aerohive’s application visibility and control
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Aerohive vernieuwt aanbod switches en software
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Aerohive Expands WiFi Cloud Management
By Sam Churchill, 03/06/2013
Unified wired and wireless: Aerohive switches and revamped HiveManager
By Shamus McGillicuddy, 03/06/2013
By Witold Kepinski, 03/06/2013
WhiteGold to distribute Aerohive Networks in Australia
By Mike Gee, 03/06/2013
Aerohive Launches Cloud-Managed Switches
By Lee H. Badman, 03/05/2013
Aerohive expands cloud network management line
By Shaun Nichols, 03/05/2013
Aerohive Is Switching Things Up
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Les étudiants d’ECE Paris sont connectés en WiFi avec Aerohive
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Harvard Square’s Wi-Fi just got better, business association says
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Cloud Wi-Fi Could Become Key for Network Management
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Four IT shops, four approaches to BYOD network security
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Q&A: Drakes Supermarkets CIO, Rod Koza
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Aerohive, Euclid partner on using Wi-Fi to decode shoppers' behavior
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Aerohive Targets Retail Vertical
By Eric Krapf, 01/14/2013
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By RTI - Redes, Telecom e instalações, 01/14/2013


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Aerohive does an End Run Around Apple's Bonjour Protocol Issues
by Lee H. Badman, 09/17/2012
The Daily Start-Up: Aerohive Buzzes With $22.5M Led by IVP Amid Sweet Mobile Connectivity Demand
by WSJ, 09/12/2012
Aerohive Buzzes With $22M as Enterprises Get Serious About Wi-Fi
by Scott Denne, 09/12/2012
Cloud-based networking startup Aerohive Networks readies for IPO with $22.5M funding grab
by Sean Ludwig , 09/11/2012
iPhone 5 and Mobile Device Management: Are You Ready?
by CJ Arlotta, 09/09/2012
Enlisting the help of infrastructure to cope with the BYOD explosion
By Abigail Strong, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Aerohive Networks, 08/31/2012
Apple users granted greater mobility with Bonjour gateway
by Gina Narcisi, 08/29/2012
Tech CEOs’ first jobs: Licorice maker, housekeeper, scuba diver and more
By Ann Bednarz, 08/29/2012
Three tools to pinpoint rogue access points
by C.J. Mathias, 08/06/2012
Defcon Wi-Fi hack called no threat to enterprise WLANs
by John Cox, 08/03/2012
VIRTUAL LAN - Da Aerohive Access Point intelligenti
By Office Automation, 08/02/2012
iEverything Enterprise: BYOD Businesses Need to Prepare for Data Overload
By CNBC, 08/01/2012
WWDC 2012 Interview: Aerohive
By MACNEWS, 07/12/2012
Aerohive anuncia diretor geral para a América Latina
By Valor, 07/11/2012
Aerohive inicia atuação no mercado brasileiro
By CRN, 07/03/2012
Aerohive, JAMF Team For Big Channel Opportunity In Apple MDM
By Chad Berndtson, 06/27/2012
Aerohive, JAMF Software Team on MDM for Apple Devices
By CJ Arlotta, 06/26/2012
Aerohive Teams With JAMF Software, Cozies Up on Apple iDevice MDM
By Lee H. Badman, 06/26/2012
Aerohive, JAMF announce integrated mobile device iOS management
By MACNEWS, 06/26/2012
Bonjour Gateway by Aerohive Demoed at WWDC
By Jack Grauer, TMCnet Contributing Writer, 06/21/2012
Brookdale Senior Living Implements Enterprisewide Wireless Networking Through Aerohive Networks
By Tracey E. Schelmetic, 06/07/2012
L'informatique de... Val Thorens Wi-Fi gratuit sur les pistes de ski!
By L'informaticien, 06/03/2012
WiFi’s future: faster, smarter, and fewer cables
by Jon Brodkin, 05/19/2012
TMCnet Video interview with Aerohive’s Abigail Strong at Interop Las Vegas 2012
TMCnet Video, 05/16/2012
New Aerohive Router Targets Remote Users with Limited IT Support
by Jim Barthold, 04/24/2012
Extending Apple's Bonjour across subnets will help N.C. school system
By Matt Hamblen, 04/20/2012
Surf and Ski in Val Thorens - Crystal Ski
Digital Journal, 04/19/2012
Aerohive wins WLAN contract with Regent’s College
By Tamlin Magee, 04/10/2012
Aerohive and Bonjour Gateway
by Greg Ferro, 03/29/2012
Bonjour Gateway To Make Services Available Across Subnets
By Dian Schaffhauser, 03/26/2012
Aerohive's Bonjour Gateway to Power Apple AirPlay and Apple AirPrint across Multi-Subnet Enterprise Networks
By Carolyn J Dawson, 03/09/2012
Taming Apple's Bonjour
by Lee H. Badman, 03/08/2012
Aerohive Address the BYOD Challenge with a Hearty "Bonjour"
by Zeus Kerravala, 03/08/2012
New Gateway Extends Apple Bonjour Service to the Entire Enterprise
by Tim Zimmerman, 03/08/2012
Let’s Virtualize Everything
by Craig Mathias, 03/06/2012
Aerohive's Bonjour Gateway Tackles Apple-Related BYOD Hassles
By Chad Berndtson, 03/06/2012
Aerohive adds enterprise-wide Apple Bonjour support for iPhone and iPad
by Daniel Robinson, 03/05/2012
Aerohive’s Bonjour Gateway enables long distance iPad and iPhone printing support across enterprise
9 to 5 Mac, 03/05/2012
Mobile Device Management: Service Aware Networks for Apple Devices and BYOD
by Joel Vincent, Director of Product Marketing, Aerohive Networks, 03/05/2012
How to Print From iPads Across Your Enterprise
By David Strom, Read Write Mobile, 03/05/2012
Aerohive, HMOL, and PPSK - WFD2
by Daniel Cybulskie, 03/04/2012
Aerohive Adds To Distributor Ranks With Computerlinks
by Matthew Broersma, 03/01/2012
Aerohive expands distribution with Computerlinks
Channel Pro, 02/28/2012
Aerohive at Wireless Field Day 2
by Jennifer Huber, 02/09/2012
Aerohive – Wireless Field Day 2
by Tom Hollingsworth, 02/06/2012
Kiwi businesses missing wi-fi boat
TechDay, 02/03/2012
Wi-Fi Mobility Symposium - a recap
by Jennifer Huber, 01/25/2012
TMC Reveals the Cloud Computing Excellence Award Winners
TMCnet News, 01/24/2012
The iEverything Enterprise Understanding and Addressing IT's Dilemma in a World Dominated by Wireless Smart Devices
by Joel Vincent, Director of Product Marketing, Aerohive Networks, 01/20/2012
Oxford Brookes U Boosts Wireless Coverage with Controller-Free Architecture
by Dian Schaffhauser , 01/13/2012
Oxford Brookes U beefs up WLAN to support explosion in demand for access
Cabling Installation & Maintenance, 01/12/2012
UK school deploys WLAN solution
School CIO, 01/12/2012
E02 – Wi-Fi Protected Setup, Battered or Broken?
No Strings Attached Show, 01/08/2012
Aerohive veut simplifier les accès Wi-Fi
par Bertrand Garé, L'Informaticien, 01/06/2012
Modehuis kiest voor naadloos WLAN van Aerohive


2012 Predictions: Networking Part One
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Aerohive Broadens Networking Focus To Branch, Enterprise Needs
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Rethink Your Branch Network Strategy
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Another milestone for 802.11ac and gigabit wireless LANs
by Matthew Gast and Praveen Mehrotra, Aerohive Networks, 11/22/2011
Aerohive's $99 Branch Office Offering Is Not A Black Friday Sale
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Aerohive Branch on Demand – Bring Your Own Office
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New Wi-Fi routers, cloud services simplify branch networks
By John Cox, Network World, 11/16/2011
Aerohive plans to move branch networks to the cloud
By Stephen Lawson, IDG News Service, 11/16/2011
Aerohive unveils Branch on Demand for remote location VPN support
Dan Worth, V3, 11/15/2011
Introducing Aerohive Branch on Demand
By Greg Ferro, Packet Pushers, 11/15/2011
New WiFi Routers Managed in the Cloud
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4 Aerohive (wifi) prêt à percer en France avec Econocom et Nomios
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Averitt Express Deploys Aerohive Networks Enterprise WLAN
10/4/2011, 10/19/2011
Unified network management planning: Integrating wired and wireless
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Aerohive – The Changing of the Guard
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Emerging Vendors 2011
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Aerohive stellt neue 802.11n WLAN-Access-Points vor
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Aerohive's Latest Announcements
Craig Mathias, Farpoint Group, 07/20/2011
WLAN Management Moves to the Cloud – Part 2
Craig Mathias, Farpoint Group, 07/19/2011
WLAN Management Takes to the Cloud
Craig Mathias, Farpoint Group, 07/18/2011
UK's Somerville College WiFi Expands Campuswide
Dian Schaffhauser, Campus Technology, 07/15/2011
Aerohive Networks Intros Indoor and Outdoor Mesh-Capable APs
Tim Sohn, Campus Technology, 07/15/2011
Aerohive tempts WiFi resellers with new models and cloud services
Will Garside, ChannelPRO, 07/14/2011
Aerohive LAN offerings to be distributed by Sektor
Patrick Budmar, ARN, 07/14/2011
Nieuwe 802.11nAP-hardware bij Aerohive Networks
Pim Hilferink, ChannelConnect, 07/14/2011
Guter WLAN-Empfang auch für Smartphones und Tablet-PCs
Stefan Mutschler, LANline, 07/13/2011
Aerohive will Mobilgeräte besser ins Firmennetz einbinden
Ralf von Müller, ITEspresso.de, 07/13/2011
Guter WLAN-Empfang auch für Smartphones und Tablet-PCs
by Stefan Mutschler, LANline, 07/13/2011
Aerohive ups the bar for 802.11n APs
WildDev, WiFi Kiwi's Blog, 07/12/2011
Aerohive unveils updated access points to cope with rise of iPhone and iPad
Dan Worth, V3.co.uk, 07/12/2011
Conquering BYOD congestion in Wi-Fi
Joanie Wexler, Network World, 07/12/2011
New Wi-Fi Access Points Tailored For The iPhone Age
Matthew Broersma, eWeek Europe, 07/12/2011
Security-Conscious Financial Firm Deploys Aerohive Wi-Fi
Mobile Enterprise, 07/11/2011
Aerohive Networks New Learning Model
Matt Brunk, No Jitter, 07/10/2011
Maryland District Supports Student-Supplied Mobile Devices
Kerry Sullivan, THE Journal, 07/07/2011
Aerohive Discovers Value of VAR Promoters
Larry Walsh, Channelnomics, 07/06/2011
Delivering Festival Satellite WiFi access the Aerohive way!
Mark Julier, www.markjulier.com, 07/01/2011
Aerohive Virtual Appliance Setup
Mark Julier, www.markjulier.com, 07/01/2011
Aerohive Networks timmert aan de weg
by Pim Hilferink, ChannelConnect, 06/29/2011
3 questions à… Benoit Mangin, Directeur Commercial Europe d’Aerohive Networks
by Gérard Clech, Channel Insider, 06/28/2011
Aerohive updates its 802.11n WLAN software
by Jeevan Thankappan, 06/27/2011
WLAN Management Moves to the Cloud (Part 1)
Craig Mathias, NetworkWorld, 06/24/2011
Aerohive insuffle l’esprit de ruche au WiFi
by Thomas Pagbe, Le Journal des Télécoms, 06/24/2011
Securing Public Hotspots--Protect Yourself And Your Users
Kurt Marko, InformationWeek, 06/20/2011
Aerohive liefert kostenlose Updates für aktuelle WLAN-Systeme
Dirk Srocke, IT-Business, 06/09/2011
HiveOS 4.0 und HiveManager 4.0 mit Mesh-Funktionen und Spektrumsanalyse
by Dirk Srocke, SearchNetworking.de, 06/09/2011
Aerohive Takes Another Swing At Controller-Based WLAN
Lee H. Badman, Network Computing, 06/08/2011
Schools upgrade wireless LANs for iPad-in-the-classroom programs
Shamus McGillicuddy, SearchNetworking.com, 06/02/2011
Spektrumanalyse für Aerohive Access Points
by Tec Channel, 06/02/2011
Authentifizierung und Kontrolle im Wireless-LAN vereinfachen
by Ralf Ladner, Funkschau, 06/01/2011
Aerohive updates HiveOS and HiveManager to support iPads and Android devices
Dan Worth, V3.co.uk, 05/31/2011
Aerohive HiveOS & Hivemanager 4.0
WildDev, WiFi Kiwi's Blog, 05/31/2011
Vendors tackle Wi-Fi worries of the day
Joanie Wexler, Network World, 05/31/2011
Aerohive HiveOS 4
Tom Hollingsworth, The Networking Nerd, 05/31/2011
Aerohive Platform Upgrade Includes Spectrum Analysis, Mobile Device Authentication
Chad Berndtson, CRN, 05/31/2011
Enterprise WiFi Best Practice Series: Devin Akin of Aerohive
Mobile Industry Review, 05/26/2011
Planning ahead for gigabit wireless LAN migration
Lisa Phifer, SearchNetworking.com, 05/25/2011
Aerohive Credential Caching Improves Branch Office Availability
Andrew vonNagy, Revolution Wi-Fi, 05/24/2011
Emerging wireless standards
Douglas Haider, Computerworld, 05/23/2011
Understanding gigabit Wireless LAN: 802.11ac and 802.11ad
Lisa Phifer, SearchNetworking.com, 05/19/2011
TMCnet Video Video interview with Aerohive’s Devin Akin at Interop Las Vegas
TMCnet Video, 05/17/2011
Who is Aerohive and why should we care?
techday, 05/09/2011
District boosts network security, mobility with WLAN
School CIO, 05/04/2011
California District Ramps Up 802.11n To Support Mobile Learning
David Nagel, The Journal, 05/03/2011
Aerohive Distributed Core And East-West Routing--The Network Is Changing
Stephen Foskett, Network Computing, 04/28/2011
Aerohive HiveManager Configuration Workflow
Andrew vonNagy, Revolution Wi-Fi, 04/19/2011
Aerohive Networks Cops $25 Million Funding Round
Chad Berndtson, CRN, 03/28/2011
Macaroni Grill Deploys WLAN to 184 Locations
Hospitality Technology, 03/23/2011
Tech Field Day – Aerohive
Networking Nerd, 03/23/2011
Restaurants take different Wi-Fi paths
Joanie Wexler, Network World, 03/22/2011
Aerohive Combines Wireless Networking, Cloud Services with Acquisition of Pareto Networks
Mae Kowalke, TMCnet Contributor, 03/14/2011
Aerohive HiveAP Provisioning Basics
Revolution Wi-Fi, 03/14/2011
Greater use of wireless networks is helping students in Hartlepool
Networking, 03/11/2011
Michigan District Rolls Out 802.11n To Support Mobile Learning Initiative
Dian Schaffhauser, the Journal, 03/07/2011
Wireless pervasiveness continues on campus
Patrick McLaughlin, Cabling Installation & Management, 03/01/2011
Boise School District Upgrades Wireless to 802.11n
Dian Schaffhauser, the Journal, 02/24/2011
CTO Edge Aerohive Acquires Pareto Networks
Mike Vizard, CTO Edge, 02/19/2011
From Zero to Wireless in 4 Essential Steps
Dian Schaffhauser, the Journal, 02/11/2011
Cisco 'fails' Aerohive is top of the class
Networking, 02/11/2011
TMC's Patrick Barnard speaks with Adam Conway, VP Product Mgmt, Aerohive at ITEXPO East 2011
TMCnet.com Video, 02/02/2011
Technologies to Enable Mobility Will Shine in 2011
Susan J. Campbell, TMCnet, 01/31/2011
The Evolution to Controller-Less WLAN
David Flynn, Wireless Week, 01/27/2011
Aerohive Extends Cloud Wi-Fi To Wired Nets
Peter Judge, eWEEK Europe, 01/24/2011
Aerohive Acquires Pareto Networks to Expand Cloud Offering
Tim Zimmerman, Mark Fabbi, Michael J. King, Gartner, 01/21/2011
Network World 2011: Year of the (Wireless) Cloud
Craig Mathias, Network World, 01/21/2011
Emerging Wi-Fi companies: Competitive threat or ankle biters?
by Devin Akin, Business Computing World, 01/20/2011
Devinator as a trend, Wi-Fi as a lifestyle
By Devin Akin, BCW, 01/20/2011
Wireless network uptime truth: Five 9s don’t exist in Wi-Fi
by Devin Akin, Business Computing World, 01/20/2011
Aerohive Buys Pareto Networks To Expand Cloud Offerings
Dian Schaffhauser, Campus Technology, 01/19/2011
WLAN Player Aerohive Buys Cloud Startup
Eric Krapf, No Jitter, 01/18/2011
Network World 2 Wi-Fi vendors adding cloud-based networking
John Cox, Network World, 01/18/2011
Aerohive: Cloud Vision Behind Pareto Acquisition
Chad Berndtson, CRN, 01/18/2011
Cloudy, With A Chance Of Networking
Lee H. Badman, Network Computing, 01/18/2011
Aerohive buys cloud startup Pareto networks
Joanie Wexler, Network World, 01/18/2011
Aerohive acquires cloud networking outfit
Alex Scroxton, MicroScope, 01/18/2011
Aerohive Networks Buys Cloud NaaS Provider
Paul Korzeniowski, Information Week, 01/18/2011
Aerohive buys Pareto Networks
Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal, 01/18/2011
Giving Teachers a New View of Student Computing
Eric Krapf, No Jitter, 01/07/2011
Virginia District Rolls Out Multi-Campus Wireless
Scott Aronowitz, the Journal, 01/06/2011
Virginia district goes wireless
SchoolCIO, 01/05/2011

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Distributed WiFi Control Is the Way to Go for National Autonomous University of Mexico
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Webinar Next Week: Planning for the Future of Enterprise Wi-Fi
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New Jersey District Centralizes Wireless Network
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Wireless expansion keeps traffic flowing
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Track and Trace
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How many 9s of reliability can Wi-Fi deliver?
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Mid Essex goes wireless to blast bugs
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Technology is built into new Essex hospital
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Looking at the new Magic Quadrant for wireless LAN infrastructure
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Manage Your WLAN from the Cloud
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Moving Wi-Fi Complexity into the Cloud
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Vendors strive to automate wireless LAN troubleshooting and management
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Time to make Wi-Fi deterministic
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Aerohive proves some are more than equal
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Aerohive tackles the scheduling problem
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Case Study: Leveraging Next-Gen Wi-Fi to Transform Healthcare
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HA insurance for RF networks
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802.11n gear 10 times faster than current Wi-Fi offerings
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Barts to begin WiFi voice and RFID trial
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London hospital explores RFID
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Approaches Vary to Increasingly Sensitive WLAN Deployments
Carl Weinschenk, IT Business Edge, 05/21/2008
Open source and OLPC could boost wireless mesh
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Barts Hospital adopts co-operative Wi-Fi
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Aerohive bursts into UK
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Installing Cisco NAC with a VoIP network
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802.11n wireless gear to shine at Interop
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Aerohive gets into the 802.11n swing
Michael Finneran, UC Strategies, 04/21/2008
Wi-Fi options for branches
By Joanie Wexler, Network World, 02/27/2008
Realtor shuns controller-based Wi-Fi systems, pre-11n
By Joanie Wexler, Network World, 02/25/2008
Networking's greatest debates in LANS + WANS
Aerohive Networks has a radical wireless approach By Network World Staff, 10/29/2007
Seven enterprise IT start-ups grab new funding
Aerohive Networks is aiming to make wireless LANs simpler and less expensive. By Cara Garretson, Network World, 10/25/2007
Aerohive courts controller-less WiFi
By Sean Michael Kerner, internetnews.com, 05/09/2007
Aerohive's 'cooperative control' takes on the big guys
By Eric Griffith, Wi-Fi Planet, 05/08/2007
Aerohive turns controller-based wireless LANs inside out
By John Cox, NetoworkWorld, 05/08/2007
Goodbye to controllers?
By Brad Smith, WirelessWeek, 05/08/2007
CMP Technology's Network Computing and Interop Announce Finalists for Best of Interop Las Vegas 2007
PR Newswire, 05/07/2007
Stealthy wireless LAN start-up Aerohive promises new approach
NetScreen veterans try their hand at advancing WLANs By John Cox, Network World, 04/26/2007
Startups challenge Cisco by chipping away at WLAN market
By Elena Malykhina, InformationWeek, 03/03/2007