Aerohive provides various technical documents and training modules for its products. The documents and training modules are organized by HiveManager and HiveOS release.

Which version of HiveManager and HiveOS are you running?

Which Aerohive hardware platforms are you using?

For device-specific mounting instructions, LED status meanings, component descriptions, and hardware specifications, click here.

Online Help for Other Aerohive Products

General Aerohive Documents

About Documentation

QuickStart guides explain how to install and set up Aerohive Access Points with a basic configuration. They are a good resource when you want to get your new Aerohive access point up and working quickly. There are also Command Line Interface (CLI) reference guides that provide complete lists of commands with explanatory 'help' for every keyword. These guides are specific to a particular Aerohive Access Point series or platform and are good references for more advanced features.

The Aerohive Deployment Guide covers both hardware and software topics relating to HiveManager and Aerohive Access Points products. It contains information ranging from radios, antennas, interfaces, and LEDs to WLAN deployment considerations to detailed configuration instructions for commonly used features.

About Training Modules

Aerohive CBT (computer-based training) modules are online audio-visual presentations that explain Aerohive concepts and walk you through configuration procedures step by step. These short and informative flash tutorials guide you through the HiveManager GUI while teaching you how to use Aerohive products. Aerohive CBT modules are a great way to familiarize yourself with the GUI and learn how to configure HiveAPs.